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We should trade up in the draft and get Evan Turner from Ohio State so he can play the point for us He is 6'7" and can play the 1, the 2, annnnnnd the 3. We can really do some damage with him and Wade in the same backcourt.
Might it not have made more sense to insert Carlos Arroyo at the top of the second quarter instead of Chalmers, considering the Heat was lacking the creativity of Beasley and Wade at the time? . . . . . . . When ira can see that Arroyo should be playing instead of Chalmers something is really wrong. . H3ll he even seems a little pissed about the fact Chalmers is getting the back up minutes instead of arroyo.
Spo should really end the Mario project and put Arroyo back in the rotation. How is that Arroyo was starting and being rather efficient and when we add Alston we make our previously starting point guard the third string point? Chalmers is the only heat player I would actually wish an injury on...
FU.CK YOU, YOU FU.CKING AS.S.HOLE! WHY DON'T YOU JUST LAUGH IN HIS FACE WHILE YOU'RE CELEBRATING. DI.CK!!! Posted by: oxygen | January 27, 2010 at 07:44 PM Whoa whoa easy there guy. I was just making an observation. They said he hyperextended his knee when his legs came together, but I think it happened when he landed awkwardly and that's when I thought I saw him trip over his foot relax. As much as I get on him I STILL don't want to see him hurt.
"He dwyaned it........" that was clever
Wow Did beas just trip over his own foot? I keep rewinding it and playing it in slow motion and it actually looks like he tripped over his own foot. Damn
Right now Spo needs to hire an offensive coordinator...... Before tonight's game. Something like how Doc Rivers in Boston did and Mike Brown in Cleveland did.... ASAP
In the past two months, we're 10-4 when Beasley scores 19 or more points. In the past two months, we're 2-6 when he scores less than 15. Stop being wrong. Posted by: josh | January 27, 2010 at 09:33 AM Those stats don't tell you who they were actually playing when those wins happened at 10-4 it also doesn't tell you who he playing against. I can bet you that the quality of the teams we played also had something to do with beasley's performance. But thta is never mentioned. And in those losses in the 2-6 when he scores 15 or less can you tell us who we were playing? I know Charlotte and Boston was probably on that list.....
That's it. That's it Spo needs to hire an offensive coordinator ASAP
Damn it spo let dorrel have the ball at the top and let Wade attack off the ball so they can stop trapping him come on man
In Udonis we trust..... Good stuff wade
Omg did I just see Beas set a good pick for Alston?
If Spo would have put in Arroyo instead of Chalmers in that second quarter we would be up by double digits at the half Spo!!!!!! NO MORE CHALMERS..... Tie him up in the locker room and don't let him come out until the SEASON is over
Flash Jordan is in da effin building BIW Wade where amazing happens
pay per view... I think a point that josh was making is that "if" someone is lying, then that person does indeed lose credibility in other areas. Posted by: doctorb | January 25, 2010 at 01:20 PM Thats cool but constitutes credibility? Cause You can go and look up things on wikipedia... I guess real life doesn't amount to anything. Whatever......
Lol. Talking all slick? I just say you're a moron. I don't bother engaging you in basketball discussion because it's meaningless. I've tried before. You refuse to accept facts. You disregard stats as if they're meaningless. You remind me of an Intelligent Design proponent. "If I don't understand it, it can't be!" There's just nothing you can say to someone that thinks Washington would trade Brendan Haywood for QRich and the Heat should trade Beasley for Jerryd Bayless. That's obviously not a rational basketball fan that understands anything about the game. And about you lying about participating in the Battle of Mogadishu... again, like I said, that legitimately offends me. Americans died in the Battle of Mogadishu. They don't deserve to have some a$$hole that wants to be blog big shot ride their coattails. Posted by: josh | January 25, 2010 at 01:01 PM WOW Josh did someone throw some coffee in your face this morning? and please stop with all of the americans losing lives crap... Cause whether you want to believe me dosn't mean jack. You were never in the USMC or any type of service for that matter. Oh i just caught myself.... OK Josh the easy way is to not respond but clearly you might have been fired as the stat guy/ team manager on your high school basketball team and have been carrying a grudge ever since... LOL ok that was the last one i promise.. But as i stated before stats doesn't always prove you right. Because if that was the case go and try to explain to Rex Ryan why he lost so badly to the Colts even though they had the number 1 defense and the number 1 rushing game... yet neither was there on sunday. OK
know nothing about basketball, and spell about 30% of your words incorrectly. I come to this blog to talk basketball with knowledgeable fans and intelligent people. You're neither. Thus, you can go. You're wasting space. Does that actually matter Josh about wrong spelling? Wow like come on guy this is a heat blog. I'm not taking the time to proof read just for you. I just see something and try to respond as fast as i can get it out and that's about it. Sorry my not taking the time to proof read makes you so tight. lol
Yeah, except the difference is that you're taking shots in the dark trying to find something that will ring true and p*ss me off, whereas I am legitimately offended by the fact that you bullsh*tted about being a Marine that fought in the Battle of Mogadishu. It also offends my sensibilities that you continue to come here and post and be wrong about everything, know nothing about basketball, and spell about 30% of your words incorrectly. I come to this blog to talk basketball with knowledgeable fans and intelligent people. You're neither. Thus, you can go. You're wasting space. Posted by: josh | January 25, 2010 at 12:49 PM see what i'm talking about doctorb? Yet i'm STILL gonna take the high road. OK Josh. Now we'll see what happens
Pay per view.. how about sticking to basketball, instead of an individual insult, unless you have met or seen the person you are insulting. Posted by: doctorb | January 25, 2010 at 12:48 PM You can't be serious......... You think I STARTED THIS? WOW like i said before it seems that you can't mention anything negative about Beasley with Josh and Adam trying to attack and insult you. Yet you think i started this? there is only 1 blogger that i hate on here.... and actually Josh and Adam aren't him. now i may not agrre with the things that they say regarding basketball but that's where i usuallu leave it until Josh starts talkin all slick doctorb
Do you not remember me slamming him months ago about this. He lied straight up about being in that battle as a Marine, and yet there were no Marines even there. The guy is a fraud. Posted by: Adam | January 25, 2010 at 12:43 PM And you? Like i said if you weren't in the military then i don't need to verify jack. Your just a civilian. a tight one at that. But i didn't come here to throw around insults and whatever..... I just came to talk about heat baskeball. "I'll leave all of the insulting and other non basketball junk to that other guy" so there you go Josh and Adam...
I'm 6'1. You're an embarrassment. Again: go away. Posted by: josh | January 25, 2010 at 12:41 PM hahahahaha Your only 6'1" when your wearing stiletto's Josh. Like i said insults mean nothing we can do this ALL DAY. But was raised not to make fun of men WHO SIT DOWN TO PEE like you.
Seriously, tell us about the missions the you were apart of when you were a Marine and you were in the battle of Mogadeshu. Ohhhh wait, you can't, Marines weren't there. Oh well. Cool story bro. Posted by: Adam | January 25, 2010 at 12:36 PM i got an even better question? Who are you? Not like i even care but the point i'm making is it doesn't matter what you try an say about me personally.. the FACT is when it comes to discissing how to make the HEAT better and who is a good fit or not. You don't have a effin clue so you and your boy toy Spock just blurt out random garbage. so in the end it doen't matter what you think or say because your basketball knowledge is based on a STAT SHEET THAT JOSH E-MAILS YOU EVERY OTHER DAY. Child Please.
You spent 6 months typing FLASH JORDAN. Just go away. Nobody cares what you post. You never say anything intelligent, because you're not intelligent. I'm sure there's a blog for janitors somewhere. Find it. I spent months writing FLASh JORDAN? I didn't even know that you were a fan. LOL I'll send you an autograph for your stat book. Loser. LOL. There's a blog for janitors? I had no idea. Is that your alma mata? janitors who think thier smart University? Child Please. You never say anything right. You can't even see that Beas needs to develop a post game to even be close to the player YOU HOPE he may be.
No, dude. You're not hurting anybody's feelings. You've got the brainpower of a damn gorilla. You spent 6 months typing FLASH JORDAN. Just go away. Nobody cares what you post. You never say anything intelligent, because you're not intelligent. I'm sure there's a blog for janitors somewhere. Find it. Posted by: josh | January 25, 2010 at 12:24 PM I told you we just laugh at you cause you have the little man complex.... We just feel sad for you cause you seem tight whenever you get questioned. Just go buy some lifts to put in your shoes and make your self feel bigger. LOL Oh by the way FLASH JORDAN PS. you can stop hugging on Adam now. It's ok to let go....
"Tell us more about the Marines in Mogadeshu for the Real Black hawk down. I like make believe stories." LOL. What a tool. It takes a scumbag to lie about being a military vet. Riding on the f*cking coattails of people that are putting their lives at risk in service of the US. Posted by: josh | January 25, 2010 at 12:20 PM So pathetic.... Well my DD 214 tell sme what branch of service (USMC) that i served in, medals, earned, and places i served in. lucky for me i don't need your approval to sleep at night. Since it seems the only way that you try to show your self as knowing ANYTHING is to insult people. You must be like 5'4" or something suffering from a Napoleon complex.... we just laugh at little men.. we don't get mad.... Ooohh Raaaaahhhh Paris Island B*tches!!!!!!!