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Wow, a lengthy post, 80-something comments and still more confusion than clarity. One comment tells you about all you need to know: This is what a password looks like on disk in a Unix system: $1$RsDzxp4K$y6ARJtx/TRDYnPWp.3vGy/ Three pieces of information delimited by $ signs. "1" is the hash algorithm (MD5 when using crypt() function as in this case). "RsDzxp4K" is the salt (just a simple random string). "y6ARJtx/TRDYnPWp.3vGy/" is the result of hashing the plaint text password with the algorithm specified and using the salt. This can all be stored in one field in the DB (no need to split into separate columns). It's useful to store the algorithm specification with the password to facilitate switching in the future. Bcrypt is better than SHA which is better than MD5.
I think the problem is that people are over-optimistic about time, knowingly or not. That's why the best thing to do is say where you are: "just leaving the starbucks at kearney and sutter" or "just got off 101/80 at the 4th st exit" or "looking for parking", etc.
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I predict the opposite. More free dailies like the Palo Alto Daily and San Francisco Examiner. With high fixed costs and low variable costs you want to maximize readership. Trying to play in the high cost world is a losing proposition for most.
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It's a mistake to think that things will necessarily follow what came before them. Google is not Yahoo which is not Alta Vista/ Facebook is not Myspace which is not Friendster.
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