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I've seen this and it is totally cool. The Chamillionaire is not listed on ebay anymore( probably got sold). I wonder how much a costume like that costs? I have this video on my squidoo lens and I think it is one of the best costumes I have ever seen.
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I agree that building your own computer is always the best way to go. I bought my first pre-built computer in the early 80's, It was a northgate 386/20, it cost me about the same as the Mac Pro you have listed above. Due to the technology boom of the time, within about a year it was worth about a tenth of what I paid for it. After that, I learned to build my own computer with the help of friends and have never bought a pre-built computer since. I feel that the average person would be surprised at how easy it is to build their own computer and that is why I built a website to show them how. To find out how to build your own system visit the squidoo lens at P.S. I agree with the Google, doing what it takes, in the beginning to make it work as I would have done the same thing.
Toggle Commented Jul 24, 2010 on Building a Computer the Google Way at Coding Horror
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Jul 24, 2010