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I completely understand, that is why I use self hosted wordpress because I don't want to risk 3rd parties deleting my stuff. However, I believe when somebody leaves a comment, it saves it into the wordpress comment database as well so there shouldn't be any risk of losing anything if Disqus was to go away. It just ads a lot of nice features to commenting. I moved to them on all of my blogs a while back and while there is a feature or two I miss from my previous commenting service (which charged lots of money to use), I couldn't be happier with it.
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Have you considered using Disqus on Wordpress? It is a fantastic commenting solution and offers a bunch of different ways for people to log in and comment. It also incorporates a reputation system to help find and filter spammers and jerks more reliably.
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Wolverine or two Batmans that are angry with eachother? You decide!
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Mar 1, 2012