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Oh, and I did catch it live. It was fun. Would definitely like more. I also liked the suddenness of a 5 min tweet warning. Right place right time, with archives.
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Quarters! I gave you a well-worn 1968 quarter at Emerald City 2011 (pic: (I'm holding a boxed HDOOL (moments earlier you'd been flanked by Felicia Day, Brent Spiner and Jonathan Frakes. The old guys (looking good (especially Brent (damn))) were impressed with, ahem, the size of your line. Frakes cracked that joke and split to his table and I stepped up and was overcome with the fan-boy-giddies and reached out to shake your hand. You smiled and I thought "WTF is my hand doing out there?" It was nerves. I imagined you wouldn't want to shake hands. I knew this going in. I didn't want to shake hands. But I got nervous. It's habit, I guess, to just throw it out there (Howyadoing (shake-shake.)) I pulled my hand back but just then you reached and shook it. Considering basic health-to-contact vectors that was just damned nice(!) of you.))) Wow, the memories a picture can evoke. Regarding the monies, I agree w/ the pay-what-you-like + guidance model. It's not "pay me 'cause I'm doing this," it's "pitch-in so I can do this well," right? And maybe a little bump ain't so bad, a tip for services rendered. Or whatever. I might throw in a buck or two, once or twice. But honestly, even though I enjoy your words, thoughts, and performances (w00tstock!), if it's pay-to-play, then I'd probably pass. No hard feelings. Still a fan. Cheers, (These comments sponsored by the parenthetical.)
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Sep 2, 2011