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Sorry Myrtus, but I disagree with you on this one. IMHO, stripping a minority of its equal rights so that a hateful mob won't resort to criminal behavior is never a good sociopolitical strategy. Otherwise, where does it end? Could cops brake into someone's house and confiscated their expensive items because they don't want to deal with potential burglars? What if a mob demanded one Jew be given to them to be lynched or they would burn down an entire neighborhood? In either case, if the cops gave in, what kind of public safety is that really? The police cannot give into threats of mob violence because doing so makes minorities less safe over time, not more so. You are right when you say public safety must be safeguarded, but that means by making a clear statement, and having stirct policies, that hate crimes will not be tolerated under any circumstances, that minorities get the same rights to express themselves as do larger groups, and that potential victims of hate crimes will be protected to the fullest extent of the law. Unfortunately, it seems as if the German police don't have a plan to deal with hate crimes. They better get one rather than strip Jews of their rights. What the German cops did may look like a short term public safety solution, but they are creating a very dangerous precedent bound to backfire in the long term. The German police need to figure out how to protect their minorities from hatemongers and bigots rather than appease them to ensure an inclusive society that benefits everyone equally. Otherwise, how do you stop the next unpopular opinion from being squashed from public view because a bunch of criminally-minded angry people cannot be trusted to control themselves?
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2009 on German police takes down Israeli flag at Myrtus
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