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Nevermind. How are we going to legislate across national borders?
IMO, there should be a trusted third party, such as Google, which manages everyone's web identity. The key is to back this up with legislation. Wanna hack everyone's web identity by hacking Google? First of all, good luck. Second, if you do manage to do it, you will be punished. By law. So, if we back up a SINGLE third party with legislation (IMO, it should be Google), we have solved the problem. If Google got hacked, the culprit would have to endure severe penalties, and everyone ELSE would simply have to recreate their web identity. *Recovery* of web identities and data is hard to trust after the hack occurs. Recreation is essentially a non-ordeal. However, all saved data from a previous identity would be lost. Hence the reason the culprit would have to endure a lot of jail time.
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Oct 13, 2011