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I began playing in third edition. I'm from a small, rural town without much of a base for such things as Dungeons and Dragons or card games, so it was difficult to find a sufficient number of people willing to even give it a shot, let alone stick with it. That said, I've played one game of first edition. The game was something of a lark and, really, all just done jokingly. For example, I acquired a vorpal sword. Which happened to be sentient and wanted me to kill Dwarves. This caused a few issues, as we were currently in a Dwarven city. The outcome involved a lot of crossbows and me doing a smashing immitation of a porcupine. But more to the point, having read your tweets concerning your damnation by the Dice Gods, I felt you could appreciate my favorite part of the whole experience. The GM allowed us to use loaded dice to roll our attributes. They were fixed to always roll sixes. Everyone took their turn, rolling away and getting their compliment of high scores. When my turn came, I picked up the dice, shook them in my hand, gave a light toss onto the table, and beheld the result. Six Six Five I can't even roll well when I cheat. /rueful fist shake at Dice Gods
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Feb 21, 2012