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Sebastian Peitsch
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I tweeted this, G-plussed it, posted it to my blog, liked it on Facebook, gave it the thumbs up, will leave a comment on the video and I logged in here with my Facebook account and since I thought it was wrong that Typepad wanted to get the permission to post to my wall I simply clicked the grey X on the right and took that permission away from Typepad. And all was good. Now: AWESOME video! I never watched a single DoTA video or a Starcraft game, never really liked watching Q3 Deathmatches but this... I HATE Settlers of Catan because I always play with couples who push each other AND I get shitty dice-rolls but watching you guys play last time and these bite-sized games now - awesome. I want more! MAKE MORE! Show me Munchkin! Never played it, always wanted to know how it works. Gogogogo!!1!1! :-)
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This made me have something in both of my eyes...
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Eureka being cancelled freed you up for a role as a regular on BBT, right? RIGHT? I mean come on. How else are you going to prolong the Penny/Leonard relationship limbo other than two years of being together with an evil version of a total nerd? Basically all that's bad about Penny's former boyfriends and all that's bad about being a Nerd rolled into one person? I wouldn't like it, my hate would be like a gleaming hot piece of iron, but it would sooo make the show go for seven seasons without sucking in the meantime...
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2011 on So... this is happening. at WWdN: In Exile
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I wouldn't buy it.
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Jul 10, 2010