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Kim Pembleton
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The same woman got broken into 9 times!!! 82 B&E's with the same modus operandi and the cops say nothing??? Talk about sheer negligence - all of those victims and their families - those that were lucky enough not to be murdered, and the families of those women that were, should sue law (ahem) "enforcement" ... But they sure do a great job of throwing peaceful protesters into jail at the G20, violating their rights, threatening a young woman blowing BUBBLES with assault charges .... not to mention get the gov'ts fair share of speeding ticket fines on a constant, relentless basis - YES, Law "Enforcement" sure has their priorities straight now, don't they???? I mean, it's just a bunch of women, after all ....
Toggle Commented Oct 19, 2010 on Forced entry at Broadsides
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Oct 18, 2010