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@melina, We, the American taxpayer, paid for their education from k-12 (at least $60,000 total per invader). We have Americans who are out of work. We have American kids who want to go to college. There are a limited number of seats in any particular classroom. Those seats belong to Americans and students who are here legally. There are no seats at universities that are empty because no one wants to sit in them. If they are illegal, we shouldn't pay a dime! Ever!
It's about respect for America, our laws, our language, our culture. opened my eyes! Some immigrants come here to become part of the USA. Others bring the corruption, crime, and violence with them from their homeland. If you're legal and documented, WELCOME TO AMERICA! If you're an illegal alien invader. Get out! America is waking up and your ride on the gravy train is over. Stop hiding behind charges of racism. No matter where the illegal scum come from, no matter what color they are, round 'em up and ship 'em out! There's no racism in that and we all know that. @sharron, congratulations. You have raised arrogance to the level of art. This is America. The discussion about who stays or goes is between Americans. It's our house and the illegal alien invaders are standing in our living room, telling us that we have no right to throw them out. What a crock of crap! If you're not a citizen, a legal resident or a tourist with a valid visa, GET OUT of my country!
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Jul 22, 2010