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>>3) Sure it's educational. Anything in life is educational. The boy didn't learn anything? Like "don't fight city hall" (or the administration in this case).<< True enough! Though I would hope he doesn't just give up and go with the flow. I have known many administrators who had very little classroom experience -- maybe a few years in the classroom ages ago, then became some sort of "coordinator" of such and such-- and so on. The best ones are generally the ones with the most classroom experience-- but they're usually really good teachers and thus do not feel the need to leave the classroom. Catch-22. I don't know what this principal's problem was. I live in rural NH and see no problem with someone riding a horse to school, especially since it was pastured elsewhere (when I was reading "My Antonia" with my students earlier this year, we talked about the possibility of people doing this). Perhaps we don't know the whole story...
Toggle Commented May 27, 2008 on Going Green For High School at Conservative Musings
What makes you think the administrator has anything to do with NEA? Administrators are not NEA members-- teachers are!What makes you think he's ever identified himself as "a liberal educator"?! I see nothing in the news story to indicate this, and certainly his actions are neither liberal or educational!
Toggle Commented May 26, 2008 on Going Green For High School at Conservative Musings