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I'm a writer and editor with two grown children and four grands.
Interests: parenting, yoga, bicycling, novels about India, memoir writing
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Millennials ought to be moving out and about the country just like we did, but pocketbook issues may be keeping them closer to home. Continue reading
A reminder on the impact our casual criticisms or critical suggestions have on our grown children--and not in a good way. Continue reading
vacations at the beach or in the mountains. hiking, biking, swimming with the Grands. aren't we lucky to be able to do it--and to have them excited about joining us. thanks for your comment on my Notes to Self. Whenever I break one of them, i kick myself. I should know better!
Hi Christie As you can probably tell from the anecdotes about our family trips, we like cities and history--not what most people enjoy doing with their grandkids, so I am probably not the best person to pass on any advice. But whatever you do, you'll all be together and that will make it special. Happy birthday celebrations in advance.
Thank you Lisa. I always enjoy dropping by your Grandma's Briefs site (such a clever name) and the Grand social link. So many interesting posts.
The return on a spending investment may be as high or higher than an investment account that saves for the future. Continue reading
a couple i met on a recent group tour i took said about the same thing you're saying--only their child had given them a lot of grief for years over drugs and petty crime. Nine years ago, when he stopped talking to them and moved away, it was painful but today they say, life is better without him.
If we've offended a grown child, an "I'm sorry" delivered correctly can go a long way toward repairing the relationship. Continue reading
you are exactly right. we who don't need this book must count ourselves lucky--but be glad it's there for those who do.
The mother of an estranged son suggests ways to move beyond the pain, devastation and feelings of shame. Continue reading
Parental opinion carries weight--even for growndaughters who are famous TV stars--and moms themselves. Continue reading
We text our grown children photos of us in Morocco. Their responses keep us connected despite the distance. Continue reading
well, as you can see from the photo, my practicing yoga is awkward at best. but practice is practice an it beats interpreting literature or anything else these days. hope to see you soon.
your comment made me smile. It's the same with my grandkids. They get a kick out of down dog and cat and all the other animal names for poses--and at their flexibility to get right into the pose and my inability to do the same. thanks for stopping by
A mother-daughter yoga bond highlights the flexibility and evolving nature of a mother-daughter relationship. Continue reading
Cartoonist Cathy Guisewite reminds her college daughter how far we've come, baby, and how Mary Tyler Moore helped get us here. Continue reading
Common sense rules of understanding for the adult child who moves back home. Continue reading
Technology not only creates new parental problems for our grown kids and their kids, it creates them on a scale and of a different nature than the ones we had to deal with. Leaves me feeling I don't have much to offer by way of advice or wise counsel. It leaves me wondering when the new social media platforms will stop appearing--seems like there's a new one every few months and that it brings new challenges for today's parents and grandparents.
We may be out of our depths when it comes to advising our grown kids about their teenagers and the photos they post online. Continue reading
There are so many risks for our Grands when we psot or share their photos on social media sites. Continue reading
The sense of entitlement is sometimes breathtaking. Thanks for sharing the story about your friend's daughter.
Some of us get a lot of grief for paying for our adult children in the first place. That's what I like about Galanes. He doesn't take issue with that--if we can afford it, why not? right?--but the purpose of the trip is the key. A pleasure trip for themselves? They should take it when they can afford it. thanks for stopping by.
Vacationing with grown kids is a way to build family togetherness--and that's why we may foot the bill. Continue reading
Change is always challenging but think of all the new traditions that can come out of it. at least that's what happened in our family.
Our family also "worked it out." It takes confidence in the relationship with your grown children to do it, but letting go is the only way to go. Too many joyous times out there to focus on one.