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I'm a writer and editor with two grown children and four grands.
Interests: parenting, yoga, bicycling, novels about India, memoir writing
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The times they are a changin'. So are the means our kids and grandkids use to say thank you for a gift. Continue reading
Even one of the Worlds Most Powerful Moms has had to adjust her parenting stye to get along with her children as they became adults. Continue reading
I agree: The whole calculus changes when children are involved. But there is a line that applies to all circumstances: if we're going to help out a grown child (and we should do what we think is right), we should lay it out for all the siblings. Hard feelings about fairness can only fester.
There are unintended consequences when we financially support our grown kids--especially when it comes to their siblings. Continue reading
As our kids reach an age of acquired wisdom, it may feel like they're parenting us rather than vice versa. Continue reading
Lady Bird is a jolt of remembrance about our mother-daughter relationship--with our mothers, with our daughters or both. Continue reading
A little yoga workout forges the warmth of a special tie with a grandchild. Continue reading
Remembering the highs and lows of having grown kids and their families home for the holiday. Continue reading
change is never easy and especially so when it comes to re-balancing our relationships with our grown children around the holidays. But we do adjust, and then we're okay--until the next adjustment.
Sounds like you've got a fine family thanksgiving tradition going on. Having everyone together is what matters--where we eat or what we munch on is secondary. besides, tradition [eating out] is tradition.
Life is full of adapting to family challenges. Thanks for stopping by to comment.
Thanksgiving is a wonderful family holiday--except those moments when it isn't. Continue reading
Not only says a lot, but also says it in a way that's easy to acknowledge. thanks for sharing your response.
And the poem is such a subtle--and ageless-reminder about not commenting "on each and every little thing." thanks for stopping by
Letting the "fullness of our wisdom" shine at holiday dinners with our grown children.. Continue reading
it is a joy to be involved so closely in something with a grown child--a shared adventure. Adds to the bank of wonderful memories that make up post-wedding life. thanks for sharing.
It's a minefield out there. so sorry you got so much grief from the groom's mom. But then the photos and videos come and hopefully all is forgotten and forgiven. There really is a lot of joy to go around. and wonderful memories. thanks for stopping by to share your experience. [hope you've been taken off the blame list by now. finger pointing is no fun for anyone.]
We may want to be the wedding planner in chief of our child's wedding, but we would be wise to back off a bit. Continue reading
Hi Carol. Thanks for sharing your story. It can't have been easy for you. We met a couple on one of our trips who "joked" that they had four kids: His [from his first marriage], Hers [from her first marriage], Ours [a child they had together] and Theirs [an adopted child]. "Theirs" left home, is into life style they find useless and hasn't spoken to them in years. They claim to be well-rid of this child and all the difficulties he caused when he lived with them, but you can still feel their pain.
How to stay in touch with children who grow up to be someone we don't like. Carolyn Hax answers. Continue reading
Calvin Trillin looks at that tipping point where the kids we once counseled and advised become our counselors, advisors and protectors. Continue reading
Do we still lose sleep over our kids when they're adults? A study finds it's the dads who toss and turn the most. Continue reading
When it comes to their love life, we should limit ourselves to being a sounding board. Continue reading
It only gets better. the Chocolate chip cookies turn into chicken soup for the soul.