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I do not know much if anything about copy right laws but I do know that youtube or whomever pulls the cords for the taking down of videos does not have a grasp of fair use. I uploaded a video of my cat playing fetch about a month ago and because my boyfriend had music on wile I was recording, the video got yanked for copyright infringement. You could barely here the music in the background!Yes, I can mute the video but then you would not be able to here my cat growl and make all the funny noises he does wile playing fetch. I also tried to upload a fireworks display me and my family watched on vacation and because there was music being played at the fair grounds the video was not even allowed to finish processing....You guessed it. All because of copyrights. Apparently a bell went off somewhere that said this video has .....whatever and it was yanked before it was up on the site!
Toggle Commented Apr 25, 2010 on YouTube: The Big Copyright Lie at Coding Horror
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Apr 25, 2010