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((( Kelly ))), It was LAST Mother’s Day that you had featured my bittersweet story of Sheltie LOVE - A few months later, my Jesse was diagnosed with kidney disease. We lost our valiant battle this past March 11th when I once again drove my “heart” on his final ride to the vet’s. I am way too familiar with your pain… and with the tears that accompany the intense sorrow. Please accept my deepest sympathy for you in the loss of your beloved Trevor. I am so saddened by your loss. In case you’re wondering… as with Pansy, I had made the same request of Jesse during our last moments together: to pick his Mama another Sheltie, since he “knows” what I need. Nine days ago, I was contacted by a local Sheltie rescue that a little 3 yr-old girl, perfect for me, was available for adoption. Yesterday we celebrated our 1 week anniversary together – just in time for Mother’s Day. The day “Precious” became available for adoption would have been my Jesse’s birthday. Precious - Sheltie LOVE truly never dies… Trevor and his love will ALWAYS be with you…
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May 9, 2010