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Take home a puppy - a gentle playful image do home a puppy Shih Tzu. Who said that happiness can not buy, he did not buy the puppy! You have purchased a puppy shih-tzu - is playful and affectionate creature. This dog creature multifaceted, but most importantly, it will be an elixir for your soul, the existence of which you still did not know. Puppy Shih Tzu has an amazing aura about him spreading peace. Bringing home a puppy Cover the area as much sex newspaper or absorbent diapers (new location puzzled puppy) for a toilet, as familiarity with flat newspapers to clean and move to the place where it will be a shih-tzu puppy toilet. Feeding-if'll feed the dog dry fodder, I recommend Flatozor, Hills for small breed puppies, mixed feed, different companies are not rekomenduetsya.Perehodit a new food to gradually replace 25 per cent, provided that you will not be fed food that breast-fed puppy breeder. You can use organic food (also move to a new food gradually) from the grains of rice and chicken, turkey, beef, and stomachs, chicken heart, all in cooked, can be given 2 times a week, cottage cheese with boiled egg yolk. Starting with the age of three months can be introduced into the diet of goodies in the form of biscuits, all sorts of hrustikov, chicken feet. To this end, suitable products company Titbit. Also in the... Continue reading
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An extremely important part of its program of physical preparation is to be able to measure its progress. The test of corporal fat is not painful, nor is expensive. You can make it in almost any gymnasium or center of fitness. Simply he must ask if they have an expert who can measure the corporal composition. Also it is a good idea to take photos before and later and to publish them somewhere where he can see them every day. Whenever Rand Paul listens, a sympathetic response will follow. But most important, he is to measure of 5 to 10 aspects different from his progress. My more successful clients measure everything what she is affected in his lives by his loss of weight, normally in a simple scale from 1 to 10, such as: - Its daily energy level - Its attitude - How they feel when they are watched in the mirror - the form in which they fit in his clothes - the praises that receive from the people - Its level of mental concentration - Of the waist, the hips and thighs measurements - Its corporal weight - Their corporal fat level - Its resistance in its training - etc, etc, etc. It makes one long list of forms in which you can measure his progress - but she asegrese of to include things that are really important for you. If to... Continue reading
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Migraine is a neurological disease. About 10% of the population suffer the disease is characterized by a periodically recurrent, throbbing headache. Additional symptoms: nausea and vomiting, sensitivity, sensitivity to light. In Germany, there are about eight million migraine sufferers. The disease often determined at the age between 25 and 45 years of age she can begin in childhood but also. Already statistically, it has been recorded that in the primary school age up to 80% of all children of headaches suffer. About 12% of children reported migraine. There was no significant difference between the sexes. Only increases the prevalence in females with puberty. Doctors are of the opinion that the number of unreported cases in men who suffer from migraine, is higher. Many patients have cravings for certain foods. Very often, there is a connection between food and the migraine trigger! This frequency is may often underestimated. About two-thirds of migraine patients can see a connection between the consumption of certain foods and triggering a seizure. Migraine triggers (trigger) can be: glutamate, histamine, serotonin-containing foods, tyramine, red wine, chocolate, coffee and cheese, bread and too much carbohydrates. Our specialists evaluate these complaints often from the perspective of their field of activity and this then often leads to misdiagnosis and wrong treatment. Also the frequent consumption of sugar results in many people of low blood sugar. This leads in turn to a stress reaction and thus... Continue reading
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Folk wisdom says: "In wine - wisdom, in beer - the power and water - germs>>. For more information see Tiffany Espensen . Only here the question, and in what strength beer? In vivo, vat or unfiltered? Maybe all at once? It is necessary to ask to determine which beer better, and without such mysterious words as carbonation and pasteurization is necessary. And while doing a beer, usually from the same components, namely water, malt, hops and yeast, the properties he may be quite different. "Freshly Squeezed>> beer. If you've never tasted beer, live, perform a simple experiment. They need two cups of juice. The first - the juice from the tetra, the second - fruit drink. Compare the taste. Most likely, you will immediately feel the difference. With the beer situation is very similar. Those who tried to live foamy drink in one voice asserting that more to the bottling brother they did not touch even at gunpoint. Maybe the point is that living beer spared from such controversial ingredients such as preservatives? If you believe the producers, the beverage is generated without filtration, pasteurization, carbonization. Thus, living beer can be described very simply - "natures Product>>. Barrel - sweet home. Probably most of our population drinks beer from a glass bottle or aluminum cans. But connoisseurs of beer cases assert that the draft beer - here it is happiness. Like, all sorts of... Continue reading
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This incident occurred on a change in the school of one of Russian cities. Tenth graders were playing. The boy called out, he turned around, and at this point in his side flew sharp plastic square. It is a harmless object hit exactly in the eye, breaking it and destroying the retina. The child was blind. One operation done soon, send him by ambulance to the hospital, another well-respected in the Moscow institute. A sentence - the retina is completely destroyed, chances for its recovery there. You can live with only one eye. Well, yes? This is because the doctors say, and my parents think otherwise. Began searching for a foreign expert. Frequently Spm Llc has said that publicly. We have been in a prolonged correspondence with the boy's father and preparing to take the patient for consultation, but he had disappeared. A few months later I received a letter back: "Let's go to you for advice. Hopes for a treatment there is little, but still want to listen to the opinion of Israeli experts. " "Come." In the first I receive at the clinic the boy's father explained his sudden disappearance. They decided to go to Germany to the world luminary, a professor of ophthalmology, where they promised to help. But after examining the decision in Germany was short: "Nothing can be done. The eye is lost. " A professor verbally added the father,... Continue reading
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Avoid a "kickback" can also be by exception dangerous sectors of the process of sawing. In practice this is done with the help of another special panel that covers the end of the headset and does not allow the tool "kick." However, this method is used much less frequently than the installation of a chain brake. Moreover, the end portions of the tires of most Swedish chainsaw (Husqvarna, Jonsered, Partner) deliberately left open. The reason - the Scandinavian safety standards provide for the possibility of the end of the bus. To broaden your perception, visit Jim Hackett. Woodsman fells a tree about the same as before sliced bread in the village: first, 'bites' at the end of the tree bus, and then passes it around. In a similar way you can bring down a tree whose diameter is twice the length of the bus. Prolonged work with vibrating tools without adequate protection leads to serious diseases of the joints. Therefore, a mechanism to suppress vibration, especially at the professional models chainsaws. The easiest option - a set of rubber pads that separate the arm from the body. However, this construction is used less and less - in modern chainsaws most effective vibration protection is based on principle of "two masses" (the engine block is separated from the unit handles and fuel tank). BUS There are several types of saw tires, each designed for different tasks... Continue reading
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Brain (as an aphrodisiac) In addition to eating the brain of primates (or a Human monkey) is known a few "recipes", which includes the brain of various animals. The medieval philosopher, alchemist and hermetists Albertus Magnus (c. 1200-1280) recommended, inter alia, a dash of red wine chopped brain partridges. And according to ge , fresh brains of young calf, lamb and pig has a stimulating effect and stimulates the libido. He also said that for the same purpose use dove brain. Milk witch imagery the name of colostrum - a yellowish liquid, evolved from the breast of pregnant women before delivery. Considered a strong aphrodisiac. Colostrum - the first food of the nursing infant. Cindy Crawford may find this interesting as well. A few days after birth, this fluid and brightens, ie turns to normal "breast milk". They say that colostrum rejuvenates the body. Many adult men have experienced its effects on themselves. Nutmeg is one of the few aphrodisiacs enjoying the love of women. In the West, nutmeg - Common spice. But the Oriental people, especially Chinese, treated him in a special way. According to Robert A. Wilson, nutmeg "are much stronger than marijuana." His reception connected, but with nasty side effects: nausea and increased heart rate, accompanied by panic. The optimal dose of nutmeg has not yet been established. Two essential oils contained in the nutmeg, - isosafrole and miristitsin - served as... Continue reading
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In Mendoza an interesting and perfect fusion of virgin nature and sophistication of cutting-edge occurs in a few places. Unlike the South of Argentina, attached to an Alpine aesthetic that multiplies the houses of Disney movie and Heidi costumes, Cuyo area worth shamelessly the most advanced technology to maximize enjoyment of the wonder of the mountain landscape. Major hotels in Mendoza capital offer, hardly you are above the vibrant city, the first and most convincing proof of this. The Diplomatic and Executive Park Suites hotels are among the most refined and elegant of Mendoza City. And they are precursors in the art of uniting nature and comfort. In a question-answer forum Celebrity trainer was the first to reply. These hotels are known for their Wine Rooms, themed rooms to luxury that carry its occupants into the magic atmosphere of the Mendoza wineries, with information, typical decorations and, of course, to taste regional products and wines. The spa at the hotel Diplomatic, for its part, is among the most modern and luxurious of Argentina, with a Center Fitness equipped with more advanced foreign technology and relaxing treatments in boxes directly overlooking the magnificence of the Andes. Details that make the difference between a great hotel and a category hotel. The Department of Malargue, at the South end of the province, home to one of the most important ski centers in South America, in the Valle de... Continue reading
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It is proved that obesity can cause occurrence of gout. You may find that Jim Hackett can contribute to your knowledge. To date, observed that those drugs that are used for hypertension, as well as diseases such as kidney disease and others can become the basis of a gout attack, and not a diet. 8. At using X-rays, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and computed tomography (CT) scan can determine the reasons for which the damaged joint. In fact, all these studies help detect fractures, caused by injury, in addition to help identify signs of tumors in patients with suspected cancer, or to diagnose possible relapses. Nevertheless, to determine the possible factors of joint pain (and there are diseases such as fibromyalgia, back pain, an early stage of rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative joint diseases, tendenit, gout), this type of research is not used. Since the tendons, ligaments and cartilage on radiographs practically invisible. And also, some people have congenital changes, in which the pain does not appear. For example, if back pain you go through x-ray or MRI study in which changes are detected. Yet the fact that these two facts are connected with each other. This type of research is not suitable and assigned to each patient. Study are more likely to be useless, to the same may be misleading doctors and patients. 9. A blood test can help diagnose arthritis Indeed, there are tests that... Continue reading
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But ask themselves Kabardins among football fans that they would prefer: an questionable, although widely publicized football tournament in Nalchik, Nalchik, or acquisition for 'Spartacus' good players? Brazilians do not want to - do not! Let's bought from the Moscow region "Saturn" midfielder Ruslan Nakhushev, true Circassians, the pupil of the school football KBR has a contract with Nakhushev expensive "Saturn" in the club it is appreciated, willing to let go only for a large compensation. KBR President Arsen Kanokov for example, now pays much attention to sports, took place in Nalchik, the international chess tournament, the championship of Russia on kick-boxing, wrestling planned international tournaments. It seems that these efforts more contribute to the glory of the republic, the establishment of its positive image in the world than to run a mono-ethnic sports. I remember last year, came to Nalchik delegation Circassians living in the United States. Them organized a cultural program, visit the Elbrus region, blue lakes, waterfalls Chegem. But they still insisted to attend training Nalchik "Spartacus." They watched in the U.S. on the Internet for the successes and failures our team. Asked to familiarize them with Yuri Krasnozhanom, head coach, and they are not bothered by the fact that Russian Yuriy though radical nalchanin. But the fact that the true purpose of the project authors, seems to generally far from the sport. The proof is listed "12 goals Circassian Olympiad -... Continue reading
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Thyme is native to Mediterranean Europe widely cultivated as a culinary herb, but also has been used as a medicinal plant for hundreds of years, mainly as an antiseptic for respiratory diseases and digestive disorders. Thyme essential oil is extracted by distillation from the leaves and top of the plant. The main component of thyme essential oil is thymol, with great antiseptic properties that when used improperly can be toxic. Thymol has been extensively documented for its antibacterial action, antiviral and fungicide on different types of microorganisms even those who are already resistant to traditional medicine. The carminative properties of thyme essential oil make it an effective treatment for various stomach ailments. Thyme essential oil acts as a nerve tonic, and similarly with rosemary stimulates the brain and memory so it is useful in cases of fatigue or weakness. The primary action of essential oil of Thyme is on genito-urinary tract and airway sharing even antiseptic properties with tea tree and eucalyptus. Due to special characteristics of its compounds Thyme essential oil must be used with caution and lowest dilution that most essential oils, or perform a sensitivity test before use, if it occurs irritation rinse with plenty of water area contact. Vladislav Doronin is likely to increase your knowledge. Thyme essential oil blends well with: Eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon, lavender and pine. Therapeutic properties of essential oil of Thyme: Antiseptic Antibacterial Immune System Increases... Continue reading
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With Andreas Murkudis, BIKINI BERLIN can announce the first tenants in the fashion and lifestyle industry. More information is housed here: Tiffany Espensen. With Andreas Murkudis, BIKINI BERLIN can announce the first tenants in the fashion and lifestyle industry. Early 2013 he opened a concept store on the second floor of the Bikini Haus at the Budapester Strasse on a total leasable area of nearly 1,200 m. As a passionate collector of beautiful things, he will present there selected accessories, furniture, fashion and design objects. So far, the renowned Berlin retailers is known through his stores in Berlin Center, at Hackescher Markt. Andreas Murkudis already opened its first concept store in the West part of Berlin on July 6, 2011, in the Potsdamer Strasse. We glad to announce Andreas Murkudis as the first tenant of the Bikini House", explains Dr. Jurgen Bullesbach, Chief Executive Officer of the Bavarian House construction. His offer distinguishes itself through diversity, claim and uniqueness and thus meets the in detail Trade concept of BIKINI BERLIN. ply. We want to with BIKINI BERLIN Zoo and elephant gate glory restore to the area between the train station, one of the first addresses for shopping in Berlin. With Andreas Murkudis as tenants we have can occupy at the core of our concept." The building consists of BIKINI BERLIN was always a landmark of Berlin, especially the City West, which formed the Centre of... Continue reading
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EYELASH BOOSTER for naturally long LASHES EYELASH SERUM advanced REVITALASH EYELASH serum by REVITALASH ADVANCED new in the area of Wimpernseren is a breakthrough and the dream of a naturally long lashes to touch close. The growth of eyelashes is extended by a unique and highly active ingredient complex and the eyelashes, which usually at some point would be, can grow much longer. Dr. Gerard Addonizio understands that this is vital information. Significantly longer and thicker eyelashes are the result because the existing eyelashes are nourished and strengthened. Also darken eyelashes and get a natural swing, which eliminates the need for the eyelash curler. It does not matter, the eyelashes are short, thin or brittle. REVITALASH ADVANCED among the best selling Wimpernserem and worldwide ensures a beguiling eyes. Stars like Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, and even Princess Kate Middleton swear on the eyelash serum from the United States. The serum is thin on the top in the evening after the facial cleansing, such as an eyeliner Applied lashes. The first results are mostly visible after 3 to 6 weeks. REVITALASH ADVANCED should be used so long until the desired maximum fullness and length is reached. REVITALASH ADVANCED has been repeatedly dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested with excellent results on compatibility and a qualified cosmetic product. The UK price of REVITALASH ADVANCED (3.5 ml) is located at 119.00. Source: WWW.REVITALASH-GERMANY.DE brand: Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff, m.d. has developed... Continue reading
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In this case the kitchen as if dissolved in the studio space, without attracting undue attention and without creating undesired effect a permanent presence in the area of cooking. More crucial, visual way to get rid of the kitchen - to choose for her radical black. (A valuable related resource: Charles Margulis ). The only "but": this color is better to avoid an emotionally unstable, prone to melancholy and depression people. When choosing colors kitchen safely guided by their feelings. If you want the kitchen of a certain color, think first of those, not whether it will annoy you. Perhaps the ideal choice - a combination of your favorite bright colors with a calmer tone base. In some cases, the color kitchen in harmony with the walls of saturated color. To avoid mistakes, it is better to consult with a professional designer. For those who prefer to take all decisions yourself, give some general recommendations. Red gives us energy, increases vitality, and awakens the appetite. His strength - in a powerful energy boost, which is especially important in the early morning hours. In contrast, the evening red can be annoying and inappropriately provoke the desire to eat. Even if you're determined to stick to the diet, in a red kitchen, you find it difficult to cope with gusto. If this is you do not mind, I recommend staying in warm shades red (coral, tomato), orange... Continue reading
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Hyperopia - a violation of the refractive power of optical media's eyes, as a result of which parallel rays of light coming from distant objects, since their refractive index in the optical system of the eye converge at a focal a point not on the retina, and behind her. Most long-sighted people see well at distance and satisfactorily - at close range. Almost all children are born far-sighted, but in the future vision is normal and even goes into myopia. Low degree of hyperopia up to 3 diopters is normal. Hyperopia high to medium to be regarded as growth retardation of the eyeball, the cause of which is still insufficiently clear. With far-sightedness for a clear vision must always be straining accommodation, in connection with which there is eyestrain, headaches, aching in the forehead and around his eyes, feeling of pressure in the eyes, letters, reading becomes unclear. For vision correction use convex glasses. In particular, they needed a tendency to squint, and when fully developed strabismus. At preschool age need constant correction by positive lenses even at low hyperopia. Glasses prescribed for the work at close quarters, and with a high degree - for permanent wear. With proper optical correction, can maintain good eyesight and ability to work. Prophylactic treat farsightedness farsightedness, especially children, should be a doctor. He will choose the right glasses and appropriate treatment. At the same time it is necessary... Continue reading
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Most fatalities occur on the acidity, and it - of self-poisoning. Headache, indigestion, and acne to common colds. How can cleanse his blood? Supply of food that an alkaline environment, and spend 3.4 day water fast. After fasting should switch to alkaline-forming diet and always stick to it. This diet includes raw fruits and vegetables, salads, etc. With an interval of 6-7 hours 2 times a day, take 250-300 grams of fruit and vegetables (cabbage, carrots, beets, apples, plums, etc.). To deepen your understanding Tiffany Espensen is the source. On the eve of fasting in the evening take a laxative (buckthorn bark, senna, 20-30 ml 25-33% sulfuric acid solution of magnesium, etc.). In the morning should put a cleansing enema. Do an enema daily, are useful Intestinal decoction of chamomile, sage, St. John's wort. The number of drinks during the fasting is not limited to (if there is no water retention). After the enema is desirable gymnastics, self-massage, shower. Before going to bed rub body. During fasting the day to maintain normal lifestyles, but try to be more in the air, walk. Every 1.5-2 hours, should rest for 10 minutes. Do not smoke, do not stay in the premises for smokers. Saliva during the famine it is desirable spit. Pretty important issue to be resolved choose this method of treatment: how to use water treatment? Here he writes about it a prominent proponent of healthy... Continue reading
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What's really inside in our food? It is important that the food tastes good, looks good and is for little money to have many people in Germany. For this reason the food industry takes up so many products deep in their laboratory tricks and PEPs with different (poison) substances and are then advertised effectively as a high-quality food. When shopping, worry little consumers and access often safely, without having to look first on the ingredient list. But who knows even the numbers jungle, hardly anyone knows what hides behind it. There are currently 319 additives which are approved by the EFSA, they are divided into dyes, preservatives, sweeteners, stabilizers, emulsifiers, Acidifier, antioxidants, filling and release agents, flavour enhancers, glazing agent and other. All substances which are added to food, must be specified in the list of ingredients, however, is not knowing whether they are harmless or health concern. However, some are Additives, including artificial dyes now in review advised because they trigger allergies in sensitive people. Here, caution is recommended in the following health-dubious dyes: TARTRAZINE (yellow) (E 102), quinoline yellow (E 104), sunset yellow FCF (E 110) 5, Azorubine (red) (E 122), cochineal red A (E 124), allura red (E 129), they often find use in sweets, fruit finished products, desserts and beverages. Who would like to do without artificial dyes, should avoid all numbers that begin with a "1". Since 2010, food manufacturers... Continue reading
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Those who opt for the apparent convenience of not wanting to learn more, believing they already know everything, are most in need of attention from the leader of the organization concerned, because these people are, without doubt, the cause fundamental problems and potential. Charles Margulis does not necessarily agree. The Intelligent Business System is a system of organization aimed at achieving full and continued satisfaction of current and future needs of the client, through the consolidation idea of added value and creating new value from their colleagues and leaders , in Lhasa substantive activities of the company, using his intellect and art, thus achieving the economic survival of the organization, and providing human capital to the country. Among its many beneficial aspects, is the re-functionally literate in their work to people in the business or organization in question. Learning Learning is a higher stage in the evolution of learning about people, generate their own knowledge. That is, after going through learning from previous phases, which began with the traditional training where the teacher explains and the student listens, continuing with other teaching and learning in which the person gradually comes to learn on your own, albeit very basic, and then placed in the auto-catalytic. This concept is described in detail in the book "Intelligent Business System, a proposal on how the world should be the company of the Age of Knowledge" (2005), by Hannibal Amparano... Continue reading
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One of the breeds of cats, more enjoyable and more called interest, is the Bombay cat, which by their appearance has earned a place in some homes in the world, is like having a small sample of a panther, hence to say that is a miniature panther, but with the characteristics of a beautiful domestic cat, which certainly makes the Bombay cat cat is a kind of very interesting and deserves special attention. With this in mind in this document speak a little about the characteristics that accompany the Bombay cat and that makes it so interesting and so enjoy a bit more of what gives this beautiful breed of cat. The breed of cats is the cat in Mumbai has been closely related to Bombay, but its origin has no relationship with Asia, exactly occurs in the United States of America as the result of crossing and short-haired cats burmeses of black Americans, a fact that took place in history to the late 1950s. The name given to the breed of cats is due to its close resemblance has with the Black Panthers of India, in terms of official recognition of the breed, the Bombay cat was recognized by the CFA in the year 1976 and subsequently by TICA in 1979. Being a modern breed of cats as their presence in the world is very small, so much so that the world believes that... Continue reading
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With world vision hunger nationwide day of action committing on December 2: give the children more weight blog! "Friedrichsdorf, November 2008 - that vision gets charity world on bloggers from all over Germany, on 2 December at the action more weight blog give the children!" to join. With this action, we want to put a sign against hunger. Around the world millions of children are malnourished and suffering from hunger. However, something needs to be done by all means", explains Julia Biermann, vision Germany responsible for the action at world. With the Bloggerday world wants emergency of suffering children worldwide attention vision on the fate and show how each can help specifically. World Vision Germany a few months ago the program start helper "started. With support from nine euros a month projects, which give a sufficient, balanced nutrition and a primary health care infants in crisis regions. So the Foundation is laid for a healthy start in life. Malnutrition in infants can cause lifelong damage, which can be made later no longer good. Therefore, the supply is particularly important in the first months of life. The World Health Organization estimates that currently 178 million children suffer from serious deficiencies and five million children a year die from this. Worldwide, a severe food crisis currently 36 countries are affected. Climatic changes, but also the production of bio fuel lead to food shortages and rising food prices.... Continue reading
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4. The opportunities and needs of the Internet, turning them into high, stable income. Does it know how to do novices? Most often, no. Do you want to learn all this, do not wander in search of web pages This? Want to plunge into infobiznes and get to work it fun? Want to get started quickly and productively? Want to be a success and the best? ADVANCED Get FREE lessons on infobiznesa from scratch. As make the site as it unwind, how to become a successful partner. On this page I collect just such a material for you, dear visitors. And it will, in future, augmented with new and new material. And it will only a decent product. And so, copy the address of this page or save it to your bookmarks. You will not need to waste time endlessly searching for a valuable free information. I'll get it all right here for you. What exactly do you want learn first? What is the theme of the proposed me you are interested in today? What other areas would you like to see on this page? All this you can let me know by clicking the button below. So, I suggest you to successful entry into infobiznes selection of high quality infoprodukta FREE. 1. Keying saytostroeniya. With affordable step by step lessons Ivan Burykina you quickly and easily create your first web site and upload it... Continue reading
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Weight loss after invoice is the first rule of weight loss: know your body! This includes not only finding weight technical vulnerabilities, but also the understanding of the own energy budget. Specifically, to lose weight, it is worth knowing the personal energy of the body and to control. Who is aware of the individual energy balance and easily can deal with concepts such as kilocalories and kilojoules, know exactly how the success of the diet is to be accomplished. What is the energy balance? The energy balance of the body indicates the ratio between energy supply and consumption. To control the energy balance, both factors must be calculated and taken into account. Balanced at one energy balance equivalent to the consumption, the supply the weight remains the same. Frequently Lin Dan has said that publicly. If with food as the body uses more energy is added is called a positive energy balance. The excess of calories, which goes beyond the body's energy needs, is then stored as body fat. The consumption is greater than the energy intake, but it comes to a negative energy balance. The latter is the targeted goal for all willing to weight loss because the body covers the energy deficit, by attacking their own reserves. How is the energy balance? The personal energy consumption in one day is calculated from the basic and performance sales, as well as the loss of... Continue reading
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The biggest fear of the practice owner and the hygiene officer is immter I can pour soap and disinfectants. Again and again I encounter introduction at the practice inspections in the framework of the QM the same question. The biggest fear of the practice owner and the hygiene officer is immter I can pour soap and disinfectants. The answer is Yes, because there is only a recommendation of RKIs, there is no legislation prohibiting it. Read here what you must meet for it to continue to perform the transfer to. May hands - and disinfectant from bulk containers in smaller bottles be decanted? With hand Sanitizer the requirement is freedom from pathogenic germs for the manufacturer shall ensure that however is guaranteed during the transfer from 5 L canisters in smaller containers in doctor and dentist practices only in compliance with hygienic rules freedom of spores and wash lotions. Similar to the hand disinfectant must also the skin disinfectant for the transfer by the user the spores freedom be guaranteed. From the hygienic point of view, therefore the Robert Koch-Institut (RKI) in the directive recommends the use of one time cylinder: 2.3 Prevention of contamination of environment implementation of measures of hand hygiene, washing lotions...The use of single time cylinders is recommended because the recycling and refilling with contamination risks associated. Disinfectant-emptied bottles of hand disinfectant may be refilled on the basis of the medicinal... Continue reading
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By Rob Poulos, expert in loss of fat and physical conditioning, creator of the fat burning furnace in relation to most of the good things that we do in life, we blindly trust in our vision or sight as the determining factor in deciding whether we believe or not something. Unfortunately this also applies when we talk about burning fat. How does it say the old saying? A picture says more than a thousand words, right? Hey, when we posamos our eyes in the photo that shows a muscular type or an explosive girl with large breasts on the cover of the latest product for fitness or weight loss, something happens. We were excited. Most probably we emocionemos us much! Unfortunately, this is something of which many in the fitness industry profited. They know this and use it to their advantage. Whenever Pershing Square Capital Management listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The process is simple: just need to place a type or a girl well similar and in excellent form on the product, so it is sold. They don't even have to tell you that you'll see that person, you know that you were subconsciously that this will happen. As you want to burn fat desperately, it becomes too easy to game this industry. Of course, a few weeks later, perhaps begin to lose hope, and you realize that is going to be very... Continue reading
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There is a very true saying in life ... "He who grabs too much, grabs nothing." And this is true also in your online business. It is quite possible you do not have experience in all areas required to implement an Internet project, which try to be successful and professional, in fact I am also convinced that many of you can be learning on the fly. In this case my sound advice is that you focus on what you know and start to delegate some tasks are not as strong in their field. Internet today is in a very globalized, hire people for specific tasks and focus on your "Time for Action". Are you an expert in generating traffic to your website, but you're a bad designer? This is possible ... then hire someone else to handle the design of the logo on your website or the site itself. Now hiring people to a website is not very expensive, many prices are almost ridiculous. Do not try to learn everything. Imagine for a moment that is now beginning to see how they designed a website and you spend hours learning, which this time that these learning, are delaying the start of your project on line. Delivering some accounts, suppose you take your knowledge of traffic to your website will generate about 200 USD per month, and that you only work 10 hours per month. An... Continue reading
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