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I saw Dean Ambrose in a dark match at WWE Raw/Superstars in London today. The guy exudes charisma. He's gonna be huge. Much respect to you, though. Mick. You don't owe anybody anything, after all.
Sadly, I lost a lot of interest in the WWE around 2004, for various reasons. I never fell out of love with wrestling, it just didn't seem the same to me anymore. One of the many reasons was my frustration that Edge, who had been one of (if not the) most exciting performers of the past five or so years, was STILL only on the periphery of the main event. I was delighted when a few years later, in casual conversation, I had heard that since then Edge had finally reached the status he deserved, and so I tuned into No Way Out 2009 to see how wrestling had changed. It had a lot; some for good, but sadly, most, to me, for bad. Edge was certainly good. Thanks to his crafty heel persona, he walked in WWE champion, lost it barely minutes into his title defence, then left World Heavyweight champion! I bet nobody predicted that! Finally, WWE had found the character they had been so dearly missing in all that time. I've been following WWE and TNA on-and-off since then, and I don't need to say how much of a loss Edge will be for the WWE, and wrestling in general. Thankfully, the wrestling industry appears to be in a slightly better place than it was two years ago, so here's hoping that, on the back of this, somebody out there will get a well-deserved chance to join him among the greats. Cheers Edge!
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Apr 14, 2011