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Impressive work and selective focusing masterfully applied. Simply no comparison to tv reporters hangin'round the airport. Thank you for posting the entire series.
Time really got you thinking and inspired, Mike. This Time article got me thinking in terms of the role of photographs in today's media content. Lots of publications have become less serious, more volatile if you like. Except tradional writing, novels, fiction, the works of famous writers. Lots of publications have become 'digital' either in pre production or as a final product. With it the use of photographs has increased, of course reproduction of full colour photos has become really affordable. Did the use of (more) photographs in publications contribute to them getting less serious? Maybe, but we all know some pretty good exceptions. Still, on saturdays in my town people really line up in the main bookstore, like never before. And most of them are buying literature, novels, detectives, fiction. 'Serious' stuff, in most cases deriving from one serious individual's mind. Is that going to change with the increasing popularity of ebooks and ereaders? I must admit I've never actually read a novel on any electronic device, but I would imagine books still look like paperbacks. Yet including (at least some)photographs in traditional books is possible and affordable. We all know books with illustrations, Ed McBain sometimes used illustrations like drawings or an entire diary page in his 87th precinct books that got my attention and made me wonder why hardly any other author's did the same thing. With more ebooks, ereaders and Ipad coming our way will any of these authors start using photographs in their digital novels? Steve Jobs might love it. How about us readers and the authors? We're not used to actually seeing the characters except as in our own imagination (Kopf Kino as germans would say). But once a spy novel has become an Academy Award winning motion picture the main character looks like Harrison Ford or Matt Damon. Whether readers or writers like it or not. What would happen if some famous novelist decided to include photographs in his (e)books, and decide for himself what his characters and venues look like. Would this make books less serious? Will there ever be this new opporunity for photographers or is it just unwanted 'newthink'. I wonder if any of you know of any already existing examples.
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Feb 4, 2010