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Thanks for posting the clip of the calving event. It is amazing. However, I do not believe it is from the summer of 2012. Firstly, the movie was probably already cut by then, and secondly, very similar footage is shown in Balog's TED talk from 2009, where he also says that it is the greatest calving event ever recorded. The calving event can be found at 16:16 in the TED-talk from 2009. Well worth watching in full, at the TED website or here: Perhaps some did not know this, but PBS Nova made an episode dedicated to the extreme ice survey. (Season 3/2009 episode 10.) For those with an US ip-address it can probably be watched here: For those with an US iTunes account the PBS Nova episode can be bought for a small amount here: here: The extreme ice survey website also has many nice stop-motion videos of glaciers acting like giant conveyor belts:
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Dec 16, 2012