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Dmitry Pashkevich: I agree about the desired footprint. I use a Roku for most of my home media, including watching video off of a Plex server. For my gaming computer (which also handles video I can't see on the Roku, like HBO Go), I've set up a 6-core, 2-GPU powerhouse in a server rack in my basement, so there's no noise when using it in the living room. It turns on using Wake on Lan and peripherals are connected via wall-mounted USB ports on either side of the couch. There's a wireless keyboard/airmouse combo for navigating menus and for point-and-click games, and I can put in a mouse and keyboard for everything else.
Toggle Commented Sep 19, 2013 on The 2013 HTPC Build at Coding Horror
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Sep 19, 2013