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Peter Alig
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Slick badge, Vinotology. We'll wear it with honor! Thanks for helping us lead the charge against HR5034.
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2010 on I Give VinTank a Badge! at Vinotology Wine Blog
Such a refreshing post, Hardy. Good luck today. I was mercifully able to score a bottle of the A-R 2008 Griffin's Lair Vineyard Syrah at their release party last week. I think they barely had a case left. You raise a critical point: Not all social media strategies need to be "active." A-R's wines appeal to some of the most vocal practitioners in traditional and social media, a group of folks who are bored senseless by certain styles of CA wine (you know the styles I mean). Duncan and Nathan can focus their energy on making brilliant wine, and others of us can create the buzz. These guys understand their target market perfectly. There are many small wineries, of course, who make great wine and provide amazing experiences who need more active social media strategies. This comes from understanding your brand and understanding your target audience.
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Nov 13, 2010