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Peter Cook
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Regarding Census2010's position on not delivering census forms to USPS P.O. Box holders. It costs the goverment millions of dollars to count the USPS P.O. Box holders by sending a census taker out to their street address, so every effort should be made to maximize mail delivery for census forms to households. In order to get a USPS P.O. Box you have to have a street address. The Post Office does not allow you to receive mail at your street address and through a USPS P.O. Box concurrently within the same zip code. The Post Office, for any given zip code, has the capability of ensuring that one and only one census form is directed to a household,either delivered directly or delivered to the households USPS P.O. Box.Perhaps what is needed is a bit more cooperation from the USPS in excerising this money saving capability. I realize that money saving might be an alien concept to the USPS. It just seems like an incredible waste of tax payer money to have to spend money to count P.O. Box holders by needlessly sending a census taker out to their residence. I tried to order a census form from the phone number provided by the census bureau but was told in a recorded announcement that unless I had the number printed on my census form I could not receive a form...I ask you..why would I be ordering a census form if I already had one and therefore had the number that was on the form. During the last census 2000 the same thing happened.
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Mar 29, 2010