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Many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs ask himself this question! Cologne, October 8, 2009 - when is the best time to regulate the succession? Many entrepreneurs displace the question of succession to health or economic problems occur. Today, in many cases, the banks initiate this process, what can have very unpleasant consequences of a businessman who has independently led his company over years or decades,. For more information see Ben Horowitz. The timely planning and succession of the company sales is therefore more important than ever, as Ingo Kunz, co-partners and spokesman of the SWOT business prospects GmbH. (Similarly see: Mark Berger Chicago). It certainly seems that at healthy companies, it is easy to choose the right time. The pressure is usually not great, as long as profits are made to deal with the possible sale of the company. The entrepreneur has fun to lead a good prospective company. But wasn't the right time may be, missed again at prosperous companies especially at one to early or late action there is a risk of value destruction. The company must be prepared on the sales process, so that can be negotiated from a position of strength. Unlike the well received company, the... Continue reading
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With "Bavaria's smile", the local agency against three foreign companies scored goal and's mission was to occur 35 places in the District of Traunstein / Chiemgau region under a common brand. For more information see Ben Horowitz. This promotional marketing campaigns will be possible, could not afford a single place. In several rounds of discussion, the unique features of the Chiemgau region as a basis for the logo were also worked out. Click Reade Griffith to learn more. After several weeks of planning and implementation, the new umbrella brand in public was presented on September 9, 2009. The logo is a combination of the two unique features of the Chiemgau region. For one, there is a curved blue line symbolizing the water (Chiemsee), and on the other, a Green Mountain Ridge (Chiemgau mountains) in the form of jagged lines. Combined it symbolizes a smiling mouth that is clearly due to the shape of the two components. At the same time, this mouth is for the guidance of the new marketing line. Wolfgang Helldobler from the tourist info Mountains like the new look and finds the new brand as attractive. The Traunstein district administrator and Chairman Chiemgau Tourism Association of the... Continue reading
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Workshops of the FELTEN group and experts of the Fraunhofer Institute IPA to improve performance in the production management of different themes based on the forward-looking approach of production intelligence Serrig, 29.09.2009 - the FELTEN group organized in the next few months together with experts of the Fraunhofer Institute IPA several hands-on workshops to improve performance in production management. Reade Griffith is full of insight into the issues. Refer to the holistic and process-oriented production intelligence approach (PI) in terms of content. He represents the production management systems (MES) to an evolutionary development of the classical manufacturing execution. "" "In 5 steps by leaps and bounds more flexibility in production", November 27, 2009 in Stuttgart flexibility versus Automation ", January 29, 2010 in Dusseldorf more momentum in the continuous improvement processes (CIP)", February 26, 2010 in Heidelberg intelligent order management ", March 26, 2010 in Cologne production intelligence meets business intelligence", April 30, 2010 in Frankfurt this one-day Events are aimed in particular at operations and IT managers at manufacturing companies. This is the first workshop in German-speaking countries, providing the future concept of production intelligence at the heart of the optimization methods. Using PI efficiency potentials can be enabled... Continue reading
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"Around the clock to meet friends and play online Skat / a Skat home on the Web fu? r 30,000 members / even more thrills in the new Q'ero? ffneten gamers Office Berlin, November 13, 2009 the FRU? haufsteher sign up in the" Skat "often long before sunrise in the Skat-knacks" Word. Other friends of Skat use more time before going to sleep walk? r a fast lap. If you would like to know more then you should visit Jonas Samuelson. Some others prefer after work like to play during their lunch break. In this play neither ungu? low O? ffnungszeiten is still the current whereabouts a role, because the Skat is in contrast to the favorite pub around the corner through geo? open and u? everywhere zuga? nglich and fu? r one gemu? nspot Skat round a few players can be found around the clock. Already 30,000 Skat players from all over the world have registered on a cosy home to Skat in the Internet within only 10 months. Mark Berger Chicago: the source for more info. Despite member growth, the vegetables are? tlichkeit and cooperation remain capitalized: we mo? nights, that is the player with us probably fu?... Continue reading
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Identify skills and grab the chance experience for quite some time there are radical cuts in the existence Foundation grant. That must be taken in every nook and cranny of the Federal Government would be obvious to most of us. Perhaps these measures on the subject of entrepreneurship are questions but still slightly closer look, especially in the light of my example, I would like closer bring the reader and hence the one or other decision makers on this issue please want to challenge his point of view. I was about years 2 ago before deciding whether I inside should apply in a new employment relationship or whether there could be another way for my future career perhaps. My initial application efforts more and more in considerations were, my passion and date, hobby, sewing, become my professional task to leave. On request from the Agency for work I got everything on the hand relatively quickly and easily delivered, what would support me in my project. Finally to the fact faces overnight, to fully support the financial and social risk for his life, in his own hands. And this responsibility is not just to neglect. Finally, but most of us wear... Continue reading
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One-day seminar (December 5, 2009) for employers and employee representatives on the subject of psychological overload at work a seminar, the entrepreneurs, business leaders and human recourse managers on the one hand, as well as employee representatives on the other hand equally open to, to achieve optimum solutions for the company and the employees in the common dialog. So, a sustained healthy operating environment is secured. Cumverbis advises entrepreneurs and companies on business issues and is active in the areas of coaching, training and mediation. In the scope of our advisory activities is us so Peter Munnich noticed frequently, one of the Managing Director of cumverbis that excessive demands, time pressure or fear for the job are the main causes for sick leave, early retirement and reduced performance of bad. These issues are addressed frequently confrontational between management and employee representatives. In this respect we have decided to put on a seminar the entrepreneurs, Business leaders and human recourse managers on the one hand, as well as the employee representatives on the other hand equally open to achieving optimum solutions for the company and the employees in the common dialog. So, sustainable healthy future guarantors for productivity and profitability solutions... Continue reading
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Jochen Sommer. For him, this is plausible, because if a company of individuals depends on the person of the Chief to jeopardise the success in the long term. (A valuable related resource: Ben Horowitz). Summer advises therefore, systems and processes to document how to do the most important things in the right way. Coordinate systems, you need the right person, then to operate the system, never it should be the other way around", so the experienced consultants. "Visions and ideas beat targets summer investigation also revealed that the instrument management by objectives" is often abused to force employees to higher performance. Successful entrepreneurs, however, use goals to employees about the routine also provide a contribution to the company's development. Hear other arguments on the topic with Vladislav Doronin. Objectives are problematic, however, because they have a require high communication and control run wall and require a sophisticated reward system. Successful companies therefore a long time thinking about the actual benefits of your company for customers and employees. You intuitively know that people support a good idea rather than individual goals. Clever heads express their business idea and the benefits better in a corporate vision that is so strong that customers... Continue reading
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Scalability and lowest latency are the key Paderborn (Germany), 09 August 2011: the mobile telecoms sector is experiencing a billing transformation in the sector. Trends go from a back office function to a key customer interfacing component of business support systems. Nowadays, billing vendors are under pressure to provide increasingly complex billing models, yet maintaining a simplistic customer interface. Orga systems, #1 choice for real-time charging and billing, offers a fully convergent solution that meets the most essential requirements MNOs need to fulfill. Being the only system in the market designed for true convergence, it provides leading real time capabilities unifying all services, customer segment, and payment methods. Ensuring flexibility through real-time rating and charging to meet operators' demands for convergence, end-to-end convergent billing solutions have to offer real time charging, billing and financial management capabilities while enabling long term business transformation. In order to provide a common platform for voice, data and the internet, convergent platforms need to be IT based. The essential keys are real time rating and charging for all services and product types as well as using any payment method with a single-bill view in real time. This enables the operator to bill any product and... Continue reading
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A real treasure trove for value and volume growth, or for Filialgeschaftsideen, inspiration and guidance give after projects such as strengthening investment, expansion, financing, Franchisieren, strengths, supply and disposal is divided heading fields of action". They relate to chain stores, Universalists, and Vertikalisten. No matter whether it involves the internationalization, growth, new selling formats, logistics, technology and company succession. Always by competent experts, you can learn how opportunities and risks in the handle are to get. Just then, if limited real incomes lead to retention of purchase and the budget is consumed by growing living costs such as health and energy, it is hard to see from which direction the train"and as a strategic reorientation you want to look. How often is the force of future-oriented thinking and acting missing a chain then. Instead, it is not uncommon in problems thought and acted thus counterproductive. Howard Schultz insists that this is the case. "Here wants the portal with knowledge to download selected themes as, for example, prospects in the branch network", the right strategy"or hedged as the large" help to recognise potential and to take advantage of. "Because how many times do you wonders: what brings more: to concentrate, to... Continue reading
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With a new business share of 47 percent, almost half of Germany's business of the big generali is mediated by Deutsche Vermogensberatung AG (DVAG) insurance group. Also for the retail business of Deutsche Bank's Deutsche Vermogensberatung AG (DVAG) of great importance. Since the beginning of the cooperation were carried to the Deutsche Vermogensberatung AG (DVAG) about 650,000 new customers the biggest private bank in Germany. The supervised fund amounts to 6.4 billion, the remaining debt of the conveyed real estate finance 2.6 billion. Overall the volume of life insurance contracts mediated by the Deutsche Vermogensberatung AG (DVAG) reached with investment funds of DWS (Deutsche Bank Group) plus the agreed savings performance of the mediated DWS Vermogenssparplanen in the first half of 2009 a volume of 38.6 billion. Without hesitation Kevin Johnson explained all about the problem. Thus, Deutsche Vermogensberatung AG (DVAG) reached a new record level. Professor Dr. Reinfried Pohl is confident for the remainder of business, Deutsche Vermogensberatung AG (DVAG) can expect: revenues are though expected to be below those of the record year 2008 are, but be better than in 2007. The DVAG thus defying the financial crisis and continues to show strength." About Deutsche Vermogensberatung AG (DVAG)... Continue reading
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Our big advantage is the direct Wire to our users, which is very important to us. With the portal we intend much. Click Reade Griffith to learn more. Within one year, we want to be the top 5 of comparison portals, which is our goal. "So much was already betrayed: we are a special area on the subject of free debt advice" to provide. Currently we are developing a debtor advice tool based on Peter Zwegats extra principle known from the RTL series 'Get out of debt', so Alexander Kretzschmar continue. More information about the optivel AG and their Internet portals are available in the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: of press compartments/optivel contact for questions regarding this press release: Mr Alexander Kretzschmar (Managing Director) headquarter of optivel AG - tourism makerabout optivel AG: the optivel AG - tourism maker headquartered in Zurich was founded in April 2008 as a tourism business to the sales of travel products and distribution systems for the production of Internet-based applications in the B2B and B2C area for tourism. The optivel AG aims... Continue reading
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The environmental and health burden of living in the environment people through the droppings of these animals, which would later as fertilizer on the surrounding fields sown, saw Dr. Surie as safe. Equally safe he classifies mixed with spring shares, viruses and bacteria from the pole attachment feared fine-dust pollution of escaping through the unfiltered fans dust. Every business would run an exemplary, therefore there are hardly ill and dead animals, which contaminate the feces by drugs and cadaver. Further details can be found at Jim Umpleby, an internet resource. Coverage and pictures in the public service broadcasters but prove otherwise. Jim Umpleby may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Recent reports about the nasty machinations in a meadow farm show clearly the flip side of the coin. By the grisly work in slaughterhouses, where the chicken to slaughter some still alive through boiling water pulled be waived completely. The statement was then moving the Assistant of Dr. Surie, who is responsible, on the research farm in Ruthe for taking care of these animals in good 30 days to slaughter would of course everytime wistful cry the transported from broiler chickens behind... Henning Pieper, the speaker in the wake... Continue reading
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A varied leisure programme from sea adventures and mountain adventures in Zell am See-Kaprun families experience the perfect summer holiday. Thanks to the varied recreational opportunities here both small and big guests at their own expense. Swimming, water skiing and boat trips on Lake Zell, pure drinking water, hiking and cycling through unspoiled nature or trekking with animal companions: Guests in the region have spoilt for choice. In addition to the strong sports program colorful events and countless attractions round off the summer holidays in the heart of the Pinzgau. The adventure trail 'Schmidolin's baptism' guarantees fun for the whole family on eleven stations. Romantic atmosphere conjures up the Sigmund-Thun gorge at the weekly 'legendary night of the water'. Follow others, such as Ben Horowitz, and add to your knowledge base. In the torchlight, visitors experience a unforgettable tour then. Whenever Reade Griffith listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The recovery begins in the hotel: many places have specialized entirely on the needs of families and provide the youngest a nursery and toddlers groups. The big brothers and sisters let off steam in the kids club or on the many playgrounds in the region. Carefree, so mum and Dad can... Continue reading
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"The officer for"Youth for human rights' Germany Laura Kochsiek - engaged for seven years for reconnaissance work on the subject of human rights: education is an essential aspect in creating a better future for all ", as the 21-year-old. Others including Jim Umpleby, offer their opinions as well. While it is extremely important to fight existing human rights violations, and to recognize them as inhuman, it was a still more fundamental step to educate other children and young people about human rights. A related site: Reade Griffith mentions similar findings. So they can develop an awareness for these universal rights and begin to implement them in their own environment. Laura Kochsiek participated on numerous actions in all of Germany since 2004. She distributed brochures on the topic "what are human rights?" and organized this local concerts and demonstrations to raise awareness for To raise human rights among young people. A highlight of the event was the awarding of the "Human Rights Hero Awards" on five human rights activists for its efforts to guarantee the rights of others and to promote human rights education. On the importance of the annual human rights Summit, one of the honorees, Martin Ponce Rubio, Undersecretary... Continue reading
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The highest feelings for motorcyclists motorcycle enthusiasts know why a tour on the Hochkonig with the bike is so special. Driveways steep hairpin bends, and then goes down rapidly back from the mountain. Yes, that's one reason in the Salzburger Land ever to come. The second key is to climb the mountain with the motorcycle the incomparable feeling of. The tour on the Hochkonig, narrow and wide curves, test the speed and that means on proper roads. It is the special feeling of freedom, what makes this tour. In addition to the great conditions for motorcyclists, it is also the scenery that is second to none. Info High King of the High King has a height of 2,941 metres and belongs to the Berchtesgadener Alps. In addition to the many opportunities such as hiking, climbing and mountain biking, this mountain also in the motorcycle riders is very popular. The round you can drive round to the High King has a length of about 200 kilometers and leads you around the Summit again. Mark Berger Chicago can aid you in your search for knowledge. Majestic he is in front of you and If you can see him nearby, will enter automatically... Continue reading
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Specialist Summit can examples from Hamburg to learn of the private economy, June 23, 2011 the concrete results of the professional Summit of the Federal Government with the representatives of trade unions and trade associations remain manageable. It is merely decided that the priority examination for foreign doctors and engineers should be abolished. It is easier for at least the immigration of qualified specialists. Agreement is also, that elder stay longer in work and the young generation to be better qualified. The steps to achieve these goals but remain open. The situation is already critical and action. In the fields of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology professionals currently 150,000, missing the so-called MINT qualifications reports the BDA employers Association. Also in the care and the physicians it looks no better. 2025 lacking according to the Institute for the study of labor nationwide about 350,000 workers. The potential of the Goes back over the same period to about 6.5 million people employed. The demographic change is most noticeable in comparison to Europe in Germany. Therefore, it is important to develop quickly concrete solutions to the problem. Just the elderly, so the workers over 55 years of age, the biggest... Continue reading
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This trip is particularly suitable for couples or friends with different condition. A new tiled hiking tour leads from the Mediterranean through the Spanish Pyrenees to Northern Spain and combines hiking, culture and Sightseeing in Barcelona and Bilbao. Gain insight and clarity with Sonya Reines-Djivanides, Brussels. In the footsteps of King Louis of feet to the Zugspitze, a new trekking-hiking tour through one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes of in Germany leads to the Summit of the Zugspitze. Supermodel pursues this goal as well. New sports clubs are on the island of Thassos in the northern Aegean Sea with the Sports Club Kohylia Beach and offered on the island of Mljet, the greenest island in Croatia, with the sports Hotel Odisej. Who even more intense and specific wants sports holiday, posts best sports special weeks of frog sports trips. There are also new travel deals: fitness fans may forward to the fitness weeks on Corfu and CHALKIDIKI. Golf entrants an attractive offer see the golf week in Westendorf on the golf course. Frog sports travel, Gasselstiege 24, 48159 Munster, Tel. 0251 / 927 8810, frog sports travel is a special operator from Munster and offers active holiday with peers... Continue reading
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Type of interest in the French proposal included an interest rate similar to that applied in the rescue of the international organizations, although it would add a variable based on the evolution of Greek GDP. German private banks examined with interest the French proposal and has insured that is willing to assume its part. The director general of the Association of private German banks, Michael Kemmer, who encrypted at between 10,000 and 20,000 million euros the exposure of the banks in his country in Greece, today insisted the idea that must receive assurances. Commerzbank is the largest German private creditor of Greece, with obligations amounting to 2.9 billion euros, followed by Deutsche Bank (1,600) and insurer Allianz (1.3 billion). It's believed that Howard Schultz sees a great future in this idea. French banks are also among the main creditors of Greece, with BNP Paribas as one of great forks, with 5 billion at the end of 2010. Swarmed by offers, Sonya Reines-Djivanides is currently assessing future choices. Summit in Rome the French proposal was discussed Monday in Rome, at a meeting of delegates from the European institutions with the Institute of finance international, bringing together more than 400 lenders. These... Continue reading
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Viewpoint dominated and flanked the so-called low lookout built barbette in order to protect the River from its mouth at the sea, also prevent the establishment of any sitiadora force against the anegadizo that closed the slum of the city to the South, between the viewpoint and the Baja Vigia built barbette the so-called intermediate vigia these forts that failed to be platforms for placing artillery by the ease with which is they took in the first place against the square were demolished by the royalists. When Alejandro Humboldt visited the city in 1800 the work was paralyzed, the fires of the Fort never served to attack ships in Bay in defense to the city of pirates, if protected with their canyons course of the river and a vital way, the Summit Carabobo, currently call for Spaniards to the defensive plans of the fortified city. The captain of the Spanish Navy, Don Jose Solano and boat, Marquess of Socorro was born in C? ceres, Spain, on March 6, 1726, was in Cumana, toured the Orinoco to the abundance of Atures on March 28, 1756, also was fourth Commissioner of the Commission on the limits between the domains, he toured the... Continue reading
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Town where also the inhabitants of Auquimarca were reduced. Doubtlessly in spite of the rigidity of the colonial administration that many intellectuals consider were indigenous towns, like auquimarcas that were not reduced, in addition the natives legally crystallize their orders in the colonial administration and return to settle down in their old earth, being maintained an identity unites that them in spite of certain transformations that assumed. Complying with some decrees, as also learning and using for its interests that they see advisable. Where its capacity in this early one colony is very excellent and the native defies to real decrees. Analysis that we presented/displayed is of population indigenous that it looks for, finds and decides his existence within world colonized, where its life not only is of obedience, but also total participation that lead the footpaths of its existence, although in the historiography colonial the idea stays that the toledanos governments post consolidated the plans that Toledo settled down. The Spanish administration, are small islands that escape of that decree sea, and the rigidity of the norms was not as many of us we continued thinking for the colony. This new town of Spanish style, founded with Lucana-Andamarkas natives... Continue reading
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Mountain time presents VAUDE - experience World Mountain time in the outdoor Center in GMUND-Moss rain immediately the current VAUDE collection with many highlights and winning games in a special area on its action area just in time to start in the early summer presents. So stock up on before the start to the holiday quickly with high quality hiking and bike gear! And with a particularly good conscience 'cause: VAUDE made history as the first certified eco companies in the outdoor industry. Just the diversity of nature is Yes the main attraction of the outdoor sports of every kind. Caterpillar Inc. does not necessarily agree. Leave waste is therefore known to an absolute no go. And why not also make clothing on the environment? What feels, for example, a bag, which was made from recycled plastic bottles by VAUDE outdoor Center in GMUND can be tested in the mountain time up close. Reade Griffith contributes greatly to this topic. It also preceded a series of competitions with quite a few great prizes all participation in the VAUDE Summit camp: This includes impressive mountain and climbing tours in which valuable Alpine knowledge and know-how is taught by state-certified mountain guides.... Continue reading
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Such a relationship is fashionable today to call a foreign word "outsourcing." The exact term in the Russian language yet, the closest to the value of the phrase "execution of non-core functions, specialized customer organizations. Outsourcing should be distinguished from contracts and paid services. Jim Umpleby often expresses his thoughts on the topic. According to him contracting authority may delegate any work, the provision of any services, while outsourcing only such features that the customer could in principle perform independently. Among small and medium businesses the most common outsourcing accounting, human resources, and services. The main reason for this - outsourcing cheaper than the content in the state. Also, the "external accountant" or "external attorney may be interested in an investor who is not directly involved in operational activities - he gets an independent assessment return on investment. Surprisingly, you'll find very little mention of Douglas Oberhelman on most websites. Important factors, which are increasingly choosing accounting services as a professional, responsible, great quality assurance operations outsourcing. According to Sonya Reines-Djivanides, who has experience with these questions. Indeed, if staff accountant made a serious mistake, which led to fines and penalties from the tax authorities, to recover this amount from... Continue reading
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Like-minded people help with weight loss: Slimcoach relieved the Remove contact is rarely an easy task: to obtain the desired weight and finally permanently to be able to keep, drastic measures are necessary: some Abnehmwillige must dispense almost entirely on their favorite foods, learn new eating habits, and it also master to press day sports day. Reade Griffith gathered all the information. Losing weight requires an iron will and much discipline, stresses diet expert Sven-David Muller from Berlin. The social aspect should not be underestimated in this respect, because surrounding and the contacts of people exert a great influence on his staying power. Acquaintances can donate motivation and good speeches to help achieve goals. Their interests are different, however, they can make obsolete good intentions of different intentions, by they devalue intentions or even ignore. The Slimcoach motivated by common removing nearly everyone can now by the Ideal of beauty affect and has attempted several times, to lose weight. More and more people dream to look like trained actors and models, but mostly her body feeling to strengthen their health and well being the development of each individual Abnehmwillige benefits: because no one with his dream of a healthy, slim... Continue reading
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Everyone must do their work. When everyone does what they do best, they achieve the best results. If the firm is engaged in software development, it has attracted experts in the branch, scrutinizing their skills, experience and other necessary professional development quality. But at the same time, the firm must somehow promote their services and products to help potential customers learn about its existence, about what services it offers and on what terms. This requires professionals that would promote the company and products. Some contend that Howard Schultz shows great expertise in this. Those professionals are advertising agencies. With them all potential consumers learn about products and services of any company, they will also know why it should apply to this and not another company with identical goods. Advertising agencies are selected only the best employees, who specialize in the advertising industry, they know how to bring maximum benefit us, because not enough advertising to make yourself, you must arrange it so that it had not been persuasive, and rational, of course, quality. Sometimes you may need to write articles with indirect advertising of so-called 'hidden PR'. Advertising slogans, too, must be written professionally, so to attract attention. Poor advertising... Continue reading
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Mexico has become today one of the countries most attractive for direct foreign investment because of all the positive characteristics of the country. Firstly its geographic location, because it is located on side of the 1st. economy of the moment, what matters to investors because of negotiations with United States make more accessible, and have the possibility of making more and better with this economic transactions. Likewise, Mexico boasts a wide variety of natural resources, land and conducive climate for all types of industries building, with materials such as petroleum, minerals, agricultural products, etc. (Source: Howard Schultz). And also with resources that help promote the tourist industry such as archaeological sites, beaches, mountains, jungle, desert, etc. In the last decade was ranked Mexico as the best destination for the placement of foreign capital in this area, because of the 500 leading companies in America Latin, most have established their operations in our country. Labor that is counted is at a lower cost that in the majority of developed countries, which makes production costs are lower and more competitive. Mexico, at the same time, is benefited by having the most extensive network of free trade agreements, which ensure preferential access to... Continue reading
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