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Jeez...looking at our roster...let the young guys - and I'm throwing Murphy in here too - RUN the opposing teams off the's called stamina, and they all should have it. Use the bench bodies for speed and fouls, and good hard body up enough opposing teams hard enough and their 2nd team stars will never get on a roll, whether they are out of breath or bruised all over from good old Celtics defense. Plus, maybe, just maybe, our bench guys will gain the confidence from playing time. They're two different sports, but when I played soccer, we used our stamina and our bench to run teams out of steam. The Celtics' starters might not do that, but ALL of our bench guys should be running right now. And even with more players, soccer is played on a much larger field, with no time outs and with almost double the time played per game. We have the legs to run, if we let them run.
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(Ohio Celtic) Here's the deal...Doc is a great coach, the best in the league right now, but he never wants to play young players...we need bigs, and I'd rather see JuJuan learn at the NBA level, than at the D League level...MAKE him contribute...a bench with Jeff Green, D-West, Von Wafer, Big Baby and JuJuan is a very good start. Put Baby on the opposing beef-eaters, JuJuan on the skinnier guys - or the slower guys, my guess is he's faster than a lot of bigs, and things might work out these guys to want to learn...and they will learn with KG, Pierce, and Ray Ray. Celtics fans are usually savvy, let's let this guy play a bit before we relegate him to the D-League. Even if Danny pulls one out of his backside and we get a veteran big to back Jermaine, let JuJuan learn and let KG rest.
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(Ohio Celtic) We have the bullseye because we are the Celtics...NO ONE has liked us, for DECADES...This team has embraced the cockiness of old...Red's cigar, Russel's psychology, the attitude of Maxwell, Bird, and it's just KG's scream, Peirce's taunts, and Rondo's looks bad when you can't back it up, but when you can, well...then they all hate you. It does feel like Red is alive, and it IS us against the world, which is not a bad motivation for any team.
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(Ohio Celtic) I am getting pumped for the second season...throw Shaq in there at even 60% plus I still believe that we have the best bench in the league, period...and I don't think anyone can beat us in a seven game series...
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I'm with you...we should be KILLING these teams! I learned, even as a kid, that a psychological effect can kill opposing teams...why aren't we thinking about that? We shouldn't be coasting NOW...I looked at the schedule a couple of weeks ago, and saw us steamrolling through most of these games...this rediculous!
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Mar 13, 2011