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Yahtzee's version of a positive review is actually a positive review. See his review of Psychonauts for example.
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2010 on My Holiday in Beautiful Panau at Coding Horror
"But why should I care for monsters, rapists, mass murders, and other scum, you ask? Setting aside that many people in prison are innocent, ..." More to the point, I think, even the guilty people in prison didn't stop being human beings when they were convicted. It's a poor system of morals that only extends compassion selectively. (To be perfectly clear, I'm not suggesting Gary Farber thinks guilty people in prison aren't worthy of compassion. I have, however, met enough people online who do...usually self-proclaimed Christians, which is extra-special ironic...that I think the point is worth mentioning.)
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2010 on No Escape at Obsidian Wings
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Sep 4, 2010