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Thanks for sharing your findings and thoughts, Dan. I'm one of those toilers in the knowledge economy, and SLQ is my local library of choice. On my visit yesterday the level 1 spaces were full of people just like your delightful sketches. I'm struck by the difference in atmosphere before and after the refurbishment -- due in part, perhaps, to those invisible wireless waves. Thanks for the reminder of the Regents Park aviary, a structure that asks to be shown in a fly-through video. But turning your wifi readings into a bird cage didn't work for me. It cost me a few minutes to get my bearings, and to confirm that we had both found the weak signal in Tognini's behind that concrete wall. Showing the contours of signal strength (isobars?) over a floor plan of each level would make the information more readable. I'm thinking of heat maps, synoptic weather charts, good old topo maps... I'd like to know more about your recommendations, but understand that this might not be disclosable...
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