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Loren Peterson
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I read this article heading "Measuring Quality in Census" and it made me laugh. This census will be so far off if it was conducted the same around the country as it was in my neighborhood. I am not at all opposed to the census and was happy to contribute and fill out the paperwork the first time. I had one census worker show up at my door with a hand written packet and she asked me to fill it out. I was happy to do it and I sent it back in. A few days later another person stopped at my house to drop off another packet. This one had the address printed on it. I explained to the gentleman that I had already sent one in but he said that I still need to fill out his packet and send it in. I laughed and said that I would do it and just deduct 3 people from the census count everytime I see it. A few weeks pass and someone shows up at my door and says that they need to gather out information. I again explain that I have now sent in two packets and I think that this is now becoming a waste of time and resources. She was not going to leave without the information so it was given to her. I figured that would be the last of the visits. I guess I was wrong as I just had another census worker at my door a few minutes ago. I explained the whole thing to her and she said that she was told she needed to stop at my address and has to collect the information. I told her how frustrated I was with the whole system and then gave her the information again. All of this to ask the question how are we really measuring quality in the census? It seems to me that we are wasting money and peoples time. I now understand why people are against the census and refuse to take part in it. I started to wonder if the census workers are paid for each home that they collect information from because that is how it is starting to look to me.
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Jul 10, 2010