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Thx, Chris for this insight. See also my post Ties vs. Tattoos where i make a plea for inclusion vs exclusion
Hi John, Thank you. It feels like it was written for me. Grateful for your wise guidance Warm regards Petervan
Hi Chris, Privacy may not be dead, but is at least very seriously challenged. Digital identity and privacy is one of my "home"-projects. I write quite a lot about it on my blog: Check out: Enjoy the reading ! Petervan
The strength of Paypal is in its API's. If you look a bit closely to it, they carry the embryo of a messaging system that can be used for anything. Not just consumer payments. Already now with fork- and chain-payments. They indeed move up the value chain, and may soon attack the "plumbing" of the underlying payment systems. They are indeed typical example of Innovator's dilemma. But they are not a start-up anymore. Same effect as Salesforce: a 10 eyar old company with revenues now in the billions. They are crossing the chasm?
Innovation is indeed about culture and DNA. Checkout also my blog post on "How real is your Innovation" and related...
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Feb 15, 2010