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Too bad for East Hawaii students...
Exactly --- the math just doesn't work. All of the opponents of Hu Honua are wasting their time complaining about increased traffic and the like --- instead, they should be demanding specifics regarding biofuel stock viability and long-term sustainability.
Toggle Commented Jun 11, 2010 on Geothermal Vs. Biomass at Ha Ha Ha!
I agree, and wish that Hu Honua was viable, but basically the local biomass premise is bogus --- this would have worked, possibly, if sugarcane was still being farmed, but short of that the math just doesn't work. There are NO PRIVATE LANDS left with any substantial eucalyptus forests, therefore Hu Honua must rely on Bishop Estate property : has Bishop Estate agreed to the harvesting? Are leases in place?
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May 10, 2010