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The most important component of security is to have full visibility into your data, where it is, who has access to it and how you can audit its health and security. Application logging is one useful tool. There is a good post on this topic here:
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An interesting angle on the insider threat issue is the new set of challenges posed by virtualization. Basically, an admin can do a lot more damage today than before because so many server instances are now pooled in one place. Businesses need stricter change management and accountability procedures to prevent a rogue admin from wreaking havoc.
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One issue that probably deserves more attention in social networks is the phishing problem. A lot of people are pretty promiscuous about accepting friend requests and then wind up clicking on a link that installs a rootkit or keyboard logger. Jack Danahy at IBM had a nice summary of this growing concern.
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Great post, and you're right on the mark with comments about metadata. Dave Vellante recently wrote about this as it relates to regulated industries in particular, but the notion of extracting more value from data we already have through the intelligent use of metadata is useful to any industry. Quoting Vallente: "Incremental value from cloud metadata will be created by leveraging 'associative context' created by software that observes users and their evolving relationships with content elements that are both internal and external to an organization. This software will create metadata that allows individuals and organizations to extract even more value from information and at the same time protect themselves from information risk." Full article:
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You make some excellent points. However, I wonder if IT leaders are really up to the task of managing collaboration and/or social media adoption in their organizations or if they do not see that as their domain? There was an interesting debate on LinkedIn recently in which most of the IT manager participants said they should be facilitators but not leaders. A summary was posted here:
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I'll never forget the day in 1984 when Dick called me at Computerworld to tell me that his employer was being sued. I had never heard such a thing from a PR person before, but Dick was no ordinary PR person. I was fortunate to get to know him socially in the years after that and spent several evenings with him and his family. He had a wonderful sense of humor. He would narrow those sad eyes of his and deliver a punch line in that slow drawl that absolutely floored me. He was one of a kind. I will miss him so much. Farewell, Dick. Your many friends will never forget you.
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2009 on Remembering Dick McGlinchey at Beyond the Hype
From everything I know about Egan (and I never met him except for a brief run-in in my dentist's waiting room), he would have loved this eulogy. He wasn't a man to pull punches and he wouldn't have wanted the obituary writers to do that, either. Great stories, Steve.