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As reported in USA Today, this new report by PL+US about the haves and the have nots of paid family leave. Download the report. As they resume: put simply the people who most need it are the less likely to have paid family leave. Just found out: what Trump promises... Continue reading
Very often the articles about paid family leave do not look at what the cost would be and how it would be financed. Here is an article published in Fortune magazine in 2015 that looks at the costs induced in New Jersey and California that rely of a small deduction... Continue reading
Technology for human rights: UN Human Rights Office announces landmark partnership with Microsoft is the title of the press release distributed today by Microsoft and the UN office (see below). It is widely reproduced in the media that glorify Microsoft's generosity with their yearly $1 million grant to the UN... Continue reading
In the Seattle Times: Mary’s Place will have a permanent home in six stories of a Seattle office tower that will be built in the heart of Amazon’s sprawling urban headquarters. As part of that construction, Amazon will devote half of one of the buildings to Mary’s Place — giving... Continue reading
Here is the story of the 'content moderators' for Facebook and the two posts about the Google raters, the first one and the second one. Unfortunately typical stories of joint employment and retaliation against the workers who dare speaking up. Sounds very familiar with what happened to us. Hope they'll... Continue reading
Very interesting article by Kelton Sears in the Seattle Weekly explaining how local artists impacted by Vulcan developments ask for more affordable housing and adequate locals for artists. Read their petition Create Equitable & Inclusive Development in Seattle . Geneiva Arunga has nothing against Paul Allen. “Paul Allen is buying... Continue reading
From the Sightline newsletter. Also an upcoming meeting: Tuesday, May 2, 2017 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM at Benaroya Hall. More details below. Author: David Goldberg On April 26, 2017 at 6:30 am The Pacific Northwest is an expensive place to be poor. “The Pacific Northwest is an expensive place... Continue reading
In the Seattle Times. Here the letter of intent about this deal. A step in the right direction but the investments need to be higher and involve other billionaires/millionaires and corporations. A very detailed presentation in Geekwire. Continue reading
To humanize local coverage of the homelessness crisis, we visited outdoor settlements around Seattle's Sodo District and invited residents there to share their stories and concerns, in their own handwriting and from their unique vantage points. In tandem with the project launch, The Seattle Times Pacific NW Magazine will present... Continue reading
"Gentrification and inequality are the direct outgrowths of the re-colonization of the city by the affluent and the advantaged." Richard Florida explains the roots of the present urban crisis Continue reading
An in-depth look at what happens when cities become unaffordable opens reader eyes to a growing crisis and wins the Pulitzer Prize. If you’ve never been forced out of your home by a county sheriff while movers carry all of your earthly possessions out onto the curb, knowing what that... Continue reading
This pregnant Mom had two jobs (or tried to) that did not provide any paid maternal leave: one with Maximhealthcare, the other with Uber. It looks like she started working for "Maxim" in 2010, making about $20K per year but without any benefits. I wonder what are Maxim's profits, how... Continue reading
Read the article in Fast Company, signaled by Sightline that also presents a report about how to communicate produced by the Frameworks Institute. Continue reading
In Libération. The article does not give an estimate of the financial cost. Im ten years the number of homeless people grew by 44%. The need for very low income housing would be of 60.000 units per year, twice the number of units built now. «Sans domicile : objectif zéro»... Continue reading
Home prices in the Seattle area rocketed up at their fastest pace in three years as we registered the sharpest increases of any major market in the country for the fifth month in a row (here) And after a brief winter respite, tenants across Seattle are dealing with the same... Continue reading
If you can read French. From Libération today. La revue «D'architectures» plaide pour un «droit à l'habitat minimum universel» à rebours des normes de l'hébergement et de leurs résultats déplorables. Héberger les migrants, les demandeurs d'asile et les pauvres ne leur donne pas un habitat Héberger et loger, ce n’est... Continue reading
Outside in America is an interesting series of articles published in The Guardian with one today about Seattle. They are partially funded by the Gates Foundation ($550K). Continue reading
The best post I have found so far about the Starbucks saga after their annual shareholder meeting is by Emily Peck for the Huffington Post. The tough question remains: what's next? We'd say more push and pressure, publicly and behind the scene. Where were/are the faith groups when so many... Continue reading
Just found out about Fairygodboss and their listing of the most recent paid parental leave announcements. Continue reading
Read ASBC's guiding principles where the number 1 is providing family friendly benefits and number 8 includes "when contracting for labor seek to ensure that employers provide family friendly benefits'. ASBC supports the introduction of national paid leave via The FAMILY Act, reintroduced in the Senate by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand... Continue reading
A message from Working Washington: We have a real chance to pass paid family leave in Washington State this year. We have momentum — but we need your help. A strong paid family leave proposal (HB 1116) has already passed out of the House Labor committee and the House Appropriations... Continue reading
AEI, the American Enterprise Institute and the Brookings Institution have joined forces to publish a series of blog posts under the title: "Paid family leave: an issue whose time have come?" The main authors are Aparna Mathur (AEI) and Isabel Sawhill (Brookings) but they have reached out for contributions by... Continue reading
In the Seattle Times, Sandi Doughton gives some details about how Melinda Gates Pivotal Ventures is supporting paid leave projects: she began to think about inequities that persist even in the United States. "It made me realize that there are issues we need to look at"... Another cause Gates is... Continue reading
In his recent post about Building global community Mark Zuckerberg mentions unions as 'supportive communities': Building a global community that works for everyone starts with the millions of smaller communities and intimate social structures we turn to for our personal, emotional and spiritual needs. Whether they're churches, sports teams, unions... Continue reading