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I think that Reynoso's comments that people used to say the the CA Supreme Court was the best in the land and now they don't, says more about who he hangs out with than anything about the court. In fact during his tenure, the court was viewed as one of the most extreme, activists courts in the country. Take the death penalty, for example. It is fine for Reynoso to be opposed to the death penalty, but it was clearly constituional and approved by the voters. Nonetheless, Reynoso and Bird never voted to uphold a death sentence in the 80 or 90 cases that came before them. It is pretty obvious that they were putting their politics before their judicial duties. The death penalty cases were just one of many instances where this disregard for their duties was obvious. In other cases they were just flaky and incompetent. Reynoso and Rose well deserved to be removed from the Court. If liberals are looking for martyrs, they should look elsewhere.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2007 on Is the Ron George Court Living in Fear? at Legal Pad