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I am so delighted that Tim heard about this, because I was just going to add my voice to the huge chorus of people saying "You know, the Alamo Drafthouse would TOTALLY do this PSA." Please, you two, make it happen. The world NEEDS this PSA. :) cheers, Phil
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I have to second Athene here. C'mon, man, show us some love here in Austin! While Neil Gaiman was and is undeniably awesome, I've met the guy before and I haven't yet had the chance to shake your hand. Would love to see you make it here for a concentrated w00tstock with Paul and Storm. As for what you'd like to read us, I like reading all sorts of variety from you. TNG stories, heartwarming stories like the one that gave "Dancing Barefoot" its title, tales of D&D, reminiscences of great voice-acting gigs past, and so on. Anything and everything, basically.
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Mar 1, 2011