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Netflix pioneered the mainstream DVD-by-mail program. That is why this site follows a netflix them. However, this site is a community of enthusiastic movie aficiandos. Practically everybody here has used netflix, however it seems that the ones who have only used netflix seem to have an disposition towards ignorant posts trying to prove to us that netflix was the pioneer and market leader in DVD by mail. Believe me, everybody here already knows that and are grateful. I do not hate netflix, however I hate the fanbois who would like to trash every other service but their own.
lol wow, a lot of ignorant netflix fanbois on this site? Blockbuster was and is the leader on blu-ray in the dvd rental market. Even as a netflix fan, you should know this, because you were being critical of them for picking sides so long ago. Seems like Blockbuster can make good calls sometimes. It's called the PS3. I personally have been preaching blu-ray for 2 years because I understand that the PS2 is what brought us the DVD standard.
At my Kroger's they installed one of these and almost everytime I go buy it, folks are renting movies from it. It's pretty crazy! And Edward, I see your argument, but remember back when Blockbuster had overnight rentals for 3.50-4.00, that's 4 days for redbox. It really is an amazingly simple concept.
that is an excellent point on comparison with the 5 instore rentals and 8 watch now. This would actually be enough incentive for me to swap back to netflix if I could figure out exactly what would prevent me from being throttled. I guess if I only rented new releases and didn't take any extras on the slow weeks, (there's about 6-9 new releases a month worth renting), do you think I would still be throttled? I was an early netflix subscriber back when they had about 1 million subscribers (2001ish?) and when I could avoid throttling, I swapped to blockbuster, TA was always just a bonus.
check this out over on the forums: As for the Grandfathered-In customers...according the the communications report, if I remember correctly, it said the MAJORITY of TA customers will be GF'd in, but not all. I'm wondering what the criteria for this is going to be? As for the customers not being grandfathered in... According to my DM, the customers who do not spend any money ever and are in the store several times a week exchanging are considered " not profitable" and will have their service plan changed. She said the change will affect 25% of TA customers.
I'm definitely still staying with blockbuster... Getting new releases is so impossible with netflix if you actually use the service, I think the magic number is throttled at about 7-9 rents a month... and well 2 movies a week is definitely standard for me. I could careless about 1 extra day turn around time with BB... I mean I'm not sitting around waiting for a movie to watch the night it comes in, I rent/return during the week and watch on the weekend. Don't regular people do it this way too?
what about the 4 out and 5 out plans? I actually found out about this a little bit ago because I went to change my account to the 5 out plan and was like what is this? lol. Guess 3 out /w unlimited rents is highest plan they offer now.
in ohio, a gallon of milk normally runs about 2.70, so you could get more than 4 gallons for 12 dollars =) But Kroger's has sales very regular that are 2 dollars a gallon or 1 dollar for a 1/2 gallon, which is when I normally buy milk (since the sales happen about every other week) so that's actually more like 6 dollars a gallon =)
Yea if 1.00 is truly chump change... makes you wonder why Netflix wouldn't lower than monthly rates to match BB... I mean it is chump change... Netflix would have to think you were a chump to force you to pay the extra bit right?
I just would like to add how valuable that coupon can be for anybody who has a console system in the house. I might be lucky, but my local blockbuster is large, carries an absolute ton of movies, with 100s of copies of new releases, and lots and lots of video games. I'd bet they have 30+ copies of big games like Call of Duty 2, etc. Anyways, point is since my bb is also corporate owned and follows the no late fees... for games this rocks. First a game costs 6.99 or 7.99 for a 5 day rental (current gen vs next gen price rates). So this coupon gives that to you for free... so wow, yea. Next, with no late fees, they give you an additional week without a fee. So now for free you can rent a game for 12 days... WOW! Finally, if you don't mind paying the 1.25 restock fee, you are given 4 additional weeks... So you can rent a game with your coupon, and for only $1.25 you can rent that game for 40 days.... I have paid the restocking fee on quite a few games if they take a while to beat. LOL. I had to rent and pay restocking fees twice to beat Twilight Princess. Anyways, just my 2 cents. The coupons rock if you actually wish to use them =)