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Fun but a bit big for such usage, you have the Drifter Scooter ( ). In a similar vein, you have the Flash Wheel to have wheels on any shoes you wear (instead of having shoes with wheels in the heels -- ), the Spooner to surf anywhere (kind of skateboard without wheels-- ), the Magic Wheel (a scooter with only one, big wheel-- ) or even the good old monocycle seen in circus. Alas, most of them need for training/good sense of equilibrium, but they are fun to use and can be easily taken with you, as you point out (no need to anchor them outside).
Toggle Commented Jun 10, 2011 on Geek Transportation Systems at Coding Horror
"spoken communication puts a highly disproportionate burden on the listener." I fully agree! What is funny is that you mention podcast later... Personally, I avoid these numerous and surprisingly popular video tutorials or podcasts, partly because I am much better at reading written English than at understanding spoken English (depending on accent, too), because I am French. And mostly because most of the video tutorials I saw are excruciatingly sloooow, we wait for the cursor to slowly move and hesitate to a menu, move elsewhere, etc. And I don't have sound at work anyway. It is much faster to read a tutorial on a Web page, to print it out to read on the public transport, to skip some parts I already know, etc. I understand the interest of video in some fields (eg. a demonstration of a manipulation in an image editor), much less in other fields (typing code in an IDE!). But perhaps I am too old fashioned... :-)
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Jun 21, 2010