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Philip Steiner
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I love reading on my iPad, to the extent that I only buy print books now if they are unavailable in digital format, but I do miss the pleasure of lounging in the bathtub reading a good book. But we're still in the "cassette Walkman" days of e-books. Give it ten years, and I'll be sitting in the bathtub shaking the drops off the waterproof, indestructible, wireless, one-plastic-sheet-with-a-network e-reader I picked up on sale at Walmart for $50, plus the monthly subscription (are you listening, Big 6?). I'll flick the corner to turn the page, and read the next story in the New York Times, in colour, with sound and animation. Maybe even 3D. I bought a couple of books from today, and downloaded them in all three of the formats offered: PDF, mobi and epub. Surprisingly the layout and typography of the epub edition was nearly as good as the PDF, without the annoying need to zoom in on each page to enlarge the text to a readable size. Copyright, pricing and fair usage after purchase need to evolve to keep up with the technology, but that's been an issue since photocopying became widespread.
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2012 on Books: Bits vs. Atoms at Coding Horror
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Apr 10, 2012