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Kevin, This really hit home with me when you mentioned investing in a child's college education. As a proud father of twin boys who graduated from college this year, my wife and I are seeing our investment reaping returns as our sons venture into the working world not burdened with school loan debt because of the investment we made. It has been a subtle but major shift in my thinking as I have approached what I am doing with my money as investing rather than spending or wasting. I am also finding the less I am attached to money the more that seems to flow into my life. Philip
Toggle Commented Oct 18, 2011 on What Is Money to You? at Kevin W. McCarthy
Kevin, Yes I do Pray for my business and now I will Pray for Profitable relationship's. I feel like the relationship's I am developing in the On-Purpose Planet are profitable one's, that way we can all be on purpose in our business and personal lives. I will also close with saying the On-Pupose Process has been very Profitable to my business. :) Philip
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May 19, 2011