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I too am extremely drawn to this story and amazed by it. it really just stuck with me. Last night i watched it on DiscoveryID OnDemand. My heart goes out to him and his family! One thing I was curious about though is regarding his cell phone. Please excuse my ignorance if maybe it was mentioned and I just missed it, but was there ever an attempt to track him by his cell phone? I know from personal experience of my cell phone being stolen in a robery that cell phone companies can "ping" a phone and determine it's latitude and longitude location, or i believe they can find someones location if the person has their phone turned and receives a call by the cell phone tower closest to the phone, i thought this could be determine even if the per son does not pick up the call? I thought of this when watching the story and the detective mentioned that when they went thru the abandoned vehicle and noticed that he did take his phone with him. Also, when his parents and family were leaving him voicemails with the hope he would receive them and decide to come home. I would assume the detectives would have tried every possibility to locate him so I guess I'm just curious to know if they got any leads from his cell phone? Like I said, my heart goes out to his family and I hope one day he finds his way back home! I'm sure the whole world would love to see him return safely!
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Dec 2, 2010