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Mark Johnson
San Francisco, CA
I'm a senior program manager at Powerset / Microsoft Bing.
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Wow, some great discussion on here. The post here definitely is interesting, but it seems to throw out the baby with the bathwater: there are certainly things that A/B testing is good for and bad for, but what are those? And, for the things that A/B testing is bad for, how do you figure out which is which? I wrote an incomplete post on this once that used a restaurant as an example. There are plenty of things that a restaurant can't test with a typical A/B test. Or even worse, if they optimize for local minima (just as the author pointed out), they might be missing some other, longitudinal measure. However, even though some numbers may not be immediately measurable, they're always measurable at some time: it might just be hard to pinpoint a drop in sales or traffic (or not getting the girl) to any single thing. Sometimes you gotta go with your gut, but only after you've analyzed the heck out of the numbers.
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Mar 23, 2010
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Mar 15, 2010
Bubbly & Banter #3 Being on Bubbly & Banter has some amazing perks: you get to spend 20 minutes chatting with Julie Crabill and Mark Johnson, plus you get to drink a fabulous bottle of sparkling wine. How much, you might ask, does this cost? The surprising answer is that it's totally free. Yes, you can be on B&B: just contact us at bubblyandbanter AWT gmale DAWT cawm with an interesting topic and we'll slot you in as soon as we can. Today, Jennifer Usher, an Account Excutive at SHIFT Communications, is our guest. The topic: the latest generation of... Continue reading
Posted Nov 18, 2009 at Bubbly & Banter
Bubbly & Banter #2 This week's edition of Bubbly & Banter features the beautiful, talented, and witty Jennifer Leggio (@mediaphyter and cohost of the Quick-n-Dirty podcast) with hosts Mark Johnson (@philosophygeek) and Julie Crabill (@julzie). Listen in to find out the real reason behind the @mediaphyter moniker. . . Our original topic was going to be centered around the real cost of social media but, as can be expected over a bottle of fine bubbly, we meandered to even more interesting topics. We started talking about cost in terms of maintaining blogs, server space, and time, but then moved into... Continue reading
Posted Oct 22, 2009 at Bubbly & Banter
Bubbly & Banter is a new podcast from Julie Crabill (independent PR consultant) and Mark Johnson (program manager at Bing) focusing on PR, marketing, and product (an extension of our blog project). The idea behind the podcast is that we'll invite a guest onto the show while we all share a bottle of bubbly, because we believe the best conversations happen while imbibing. This is our inaugural episode and therefore guestless. Instead of grilling some poor soul, we talk about our (sordid) history together. Mark was the product guy at Powerset and Julie was the VP at SHIFT, Powerset's PR... Continue reading
Posted Oct 8, 2009 at Bubbly & Banter
Congrats for being at the top. . . but is it necessary a good thing? Perhaps you've missed the controversy about the recent sale of Wellsphere. . .
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