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Congratulations, Jason! I'm completely unsurprised - that was a terrific story.
Toggle Commented May 8, 2010 on Interzone Readers' Poll Winner at Jason Sanford
As Arachne Jericho pointed out, a (large) part of the problem is that, outside of would-be contributors to the Polyphony series, very few potential readers seem to know of its existence. I have a vague recollection of having heard of it before, but I had no idea of the potential existence (or non-existence) of Polyphony 7 until I came across a mention on Nick Mamatas's blog a couple of weeks ago. I took one look at the author line-up and immediately pre-ordered a copy. And Jeff(v), this is a problem that is sadly afflicting the BAF series as well. A couple of weeks ago, I was in Pasadena on business. The very well-stocked Borders there had a copy of BAF3, which I immediately snagged. This is the only copy of any of the BAF series that I have ever seen. In this case it isn't some general distribution problem for Underland Press; I've seen copies of "Finch" all over the place, in both Borders and B&N. (I can't remember, did the BAF publisher change with the most recent volume?) These days, of course, it is trivial to order a copy online, but you have to know about the book in the first place. If it weren't for your website, I wouldn't know this series even existed. And I'm an avid reader of short fiction, in magazines and anthologies. I had a similar experience with the "Eclipse" series from Night Shade; I've purchased all three, but each time that was the only copy that I've seen in a bookstore (2 at B&N, the 3rd at the surprisingly excellent Compass Books at SF airport). Tachyon, on the other hand, seems to have excellent distribution (or at least a good arrangement with B&N); I'd be very surprised if I have any trouble finding a copy of Jeff V's "The Third Bear" collection when it comes out. Clearly there are things that could/should be done differently; Golden Gryphon manages to have quite high visibility, even though they have, to the best of my knowledge, non-existent in-store distribution (I did pick up all 3 volumes of Jeff Ford's "Well-Built City" trilogy in my local [Boulder, CO] B&N, but that may be because they also stock his novels from Harper). Whether this is simply a result of the breadth of stuff they publish, I don't know, but I assume that their short-story collections (which, admittedly, are exclusively single-author collections) are profitable, as that's a very substantial fraction of what they publish.
Jason - I discovered "Sublimation Angels" when you were guest-blogging on Jeff Vandermeer's site. It's one of the best stories I've read all year (in fact, it prodded me into finally subscribing to Interzone - still waiting for my first issue), so its nomination is well-deserved. Congratulations!
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Feb 20, 2010