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I'd like to agree with the people who have said that the lack of trackpoint is what prevents them switching to Mac. I will not even consider a Mac until they make one with a trackpoint - needing to use a touchpad or an external mouse is an immediate and absolute deal-breaker for me. I love my iPhone 4 and I'm led to believe they make pretty decent computers too - but I absolutely must have a trackpoint on a laptop.
Toggle Commented May 12, 2011 on Touchpad vs. Trackpoint at Coding Horror
I've used IBM Thinkpad laptops for over 15 years and as soon as I buy a new one the first thing I do is disable the touchpad - the trackpoint is vastly superior. I have seen a lot of people attempt to use the trackpoint and to some people it's not intuitive, and I think that's the problem. One poster on here, BigJim, is clearly one of those people who doesn't understand how it works - he said that the surface of it hurts the skin on his finger - the only way that could happen is if you're moving your finger on it - and, believe it or not, I have seen quite a lot of people attempt to use it like that - and they always say 'this thing is rubbish'. You never move your finger on a track point - you place it on there and you keep it completely still - as though it's glued in place - the dimples are there to prevent your fingers sliding off as you put pressure on in each direction. I've also seen people move the pointer to the scrollbars at the side - the way you used to do before mousewheels were invented... again, can't they figure out that if a scrollwheel is between the two buttons on a mouse and there's another button between the two main 'clicking' buttons on a Thinkpad - perhaps that might have something to do with scrolling? To me it's all very intuitive - and I'm no rocket scientist. If you take the time to figure out (or get someone else to show you) you will find, in every case, that the trackpoint is better thank the touchpad - it's faster, more accurate - and above all else saves you taking your fingers away from the home keys - but that's another point - the people I see unable to figure it out are the same people who can't touch-type and refuse to learn because they say they have their 'own system' - yeah, their own system that restricts them to typing about 20 words per minute with two fingers whilst most people who touchtype regularly can reach 100+ words per minute.
Toggle Commented May 12, 2011 on Touchpad vs. Trackpoint at Coding Horror
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May 12, 2011