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Paul Howard
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Anyone that uses the word "antithetical" in a post is a writer first and an actor second. Like your acting ( a lot ). LOVE your writing. Keep writing Wil. Your acting is good but your writing is on another level.
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The trouble is, Will, that for Just A Geek (MP3 Audio) you are charging $35.00 whereas an account gives me 1 free download a month for approx $13 (or so). I, personally, hate DRM but I am not willing to pay more for an item just because it is DRM free. I would love to be able to get hold of your audio at the prices that I can get any other book at audible but $35 for an audio book is a bit steep for me.
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Is that supposed to be a rabbit or a dog?
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Full marathon - Half marathon - run it - walk it. Who cares! Go out there - raise some cash and lets get things fixed. It's so good to see a public figure, and you are still a VERY public figure, doing things like this. I wish there were more people like you and Anne and indeed more people like Kris who are doing everything they can to fight cancer in any way they can. You keep writing and running and we will keep reading and sponsering. If I had a goat, I'd be throwing it at you right now. :)
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