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Arvada, CO
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I think a more useful construct would be to teach people how to deal with the truth. I think this would lessen the social pressure to lie. For example, if you know that your friend isn't going to develop a deep resentment towards you when you tell him that he sucks at guitar (because he knows how to deal with the truth), then you are more likely to tell him. I also think there are ways to deliver the truth without being insensitive to people's feelings. I find showing is a great way. For example, going with the guitar example, get your friend around examples of great guitar players--people who have truly mastered the art. And if he really wants to learn, he will naturally want to be like at least one of of those masters. To do that he has to shape his practice and training around them and their habits--and perfect practice makes perfect.
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May 27, 2012