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Hello Wil, This was my third year coming to Phoenix Comicon. I first came in 2010 mostly due to wanting to meet James Marsters(Spike from Buffy) and I'm so glad for that not only because I got to meet James, but now I have such a wonderful time going to the convention due to that reason and becoming a Wil Wheaton fan. I also have to say that you are probably one of the nicest and genuine celebrities that I have ever met. I enjoyed your work in Star Trek the Next Generation and other projects that I have seen you in. But you really made a fan of me on how you react to your fans. The way that you seem to care about your fans and your family is truly something else. Yes, a lot of people I met from these conventions have been nice but you seem to really be a down to earth kind of guy. That is so refreshing to see and I can't help to be a fan of yours. I missed your story time this year and I'm disappointed about that but maybe next time. I only really follow a couple of celebrities and what they are currently doing and now I think that very short list will now include you. I really do hope you will come back to Phoenix Comicon next year since it really won't be the same without you. And that really is the truth. Although, don't get me started on the whole LA Kings thing which I know it was all done with fun. LOL But still, as a Phoenix sports fan, I really do dislike LA teams a whole lot. Except, probably LA Clippers. I can't hate on them too much. LOL Anyways, here is hoping you have a good rest of the year and that Phoenix will see you again in 2013.
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May 31, 2012