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I had a fairly lengthy discussion with some friends about something that I think figures in a bit. The anti-bullying messages given at many schools today are good - and I certainly do not downplay that at all. However, there's a mixed message given when students are told that they have self-worth, and to report bullies, etc. - but if the bully gets physical, and begins a physical attack on the victim, the victim is taught NOT to fight back. On one hand, stand up for yourself, report the bully, don't let them get away with it - but then on the other (when things turn physical), don't fight back, take the beating -- because in many local districts here, it doesn't matter that the bully started it, both parties will be ticketed and held guilty as far as the school is concerned. So how are students supposed to take the schools' message of having self-worth and speaking up seriously, when it is completely countered by their message to victims of physical assault? Many won't. They'll see that the schools' policies seem to say they care until you are physically attacked, but then if you strike back, you're *just as guilty as the attacker*. Which only feeds into the "I deserve this, I'm not worth honoring" mentality that bullies try to drive into their victims.
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Apr 6, 2010