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Yeah it's a TENS machine. They are pretty strange devices, and I'm not sure I'd trust one that looked that old. My other half has a medical condition called fibromyalgia which can cause her intense muscular pain. She says her TENS machine helps. I had a go with it after doing something hideously painful to my back recently. While it didn't stop anything from hurting, the utterly bizarre sensation the device created was distracting enough to provide some relief. They come with warnings not to stick to your temples or the front of your chest :-)
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Those joysticks were horrible in the 80s, why do they keep re-releasing them? Not as bad as the original Atari stick (or their ST mice!) but still uncomfortable to hold. My favourite joystick is the Powerplay Cruiser (that one with the adjustable ... Err ... Shaft stiffness), I still have the pastel coloured version - each part of the joystick being a different early 90s garish pastel colour :-)
Toggle Commented Feb 6, 2011 on Speedlink 25th Anniversary Joystick at Retro Thing
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And if you tried that today, it wouldn't be 30 seconds before some jumped-up mall rent-a-cop came over to ask what you were doing.
Toggle Commented Oct 3, 2010 on Cinematic Time Machines at Retro Thing
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Can we then have some sort of standard for the order dialog buttons go in? It's bad enough pulling the ejector seat handle by accident, but when people swap the ejector seat handle for the joystick it's a totally different problem. All GUIs except Windows 3 have the fatal problem of placing the "Kill window" button right next to the "minimise/maximise" buttons. Even worse, the "kill window" button is in the corner, so on a maximised window it's really really easy to hit. I'm forever accidentally shutting tabs in Chrome because of the tiny "x" on every tab. Evidently lots of people at Google do this because there's a "recover closed tab" option.
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2010 on The Opposite of Fitts' Law at Coding Horror
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Mar 24, 2010