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Here's the deal, Eric. I am sorry that your pension got beaten down by the Wall Street thieves. My pension, however, is a covenant with people of higher moral fiber, the people of Illinois. The people who believe in a social contract. The people who believe that in order for a just society to exist in this state, certain functions must remain within the role of government; i.e. police, fire, teachers, roads, inspections, etc. We privatized the mental health industry and now many of those without adequate resources are either on the street or in jail. I know first hand. Go to a p.a.d.s. facility in your local neighborhood and you will see the consequences of that decision. Is that what you want for public education? We are already seeing a shift in public education to serving the least among us, including the special needs population. Sorry, Eric. I don't buy your vision of a just society. Rather than advocating for public servants to be on a lower level of benefit, why not use your abilities to advocate on behalf of the middle class who were just taken on the biggest heist of the century by the 1%? And I am tired of that old argument about your taxes paying my salary. I would never be so crass as to demean your job. Why is it you feel entitled to demean mine? You made a choice to pursue your dreams, just like I did. Your anger is misplaced. During good times in the state, did either you, the Trib., the Civic Committee or anyone else now whining about teachers ever point out that perhaps it is time to start paying the pension fund? NO, I think not. ZORN REPLY -- Did the teachers raise a stink about it? I honestly don't remember. And let's not get too dewy eyed about this: Public pensions aren't a "covenant" with the people of Illinois. They're one element of deals struck between unions and the politicians and bureaucrats, deals hammered out behind closed doors.
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May 5, 2012