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Today Wikipedia's main (English) page has links to email your Congress people, and Google has a petition.
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Word-of-mouth and reviews of products and services are a fundamental tool for consumers to make informed selections. Why on Earth would it be "shitty" to put it on one's blog?
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Angela, you captured a distinction I've never been able to put my finger on. My friends are watching some spy show, and I give up 10 minutes in, and they question my consistancy..."You can't stomach the technobabble in [spy show] but you looove Star Trek. Explain yourself." I couldn't quite explain, but now I understand. A starfleet officer _can't_ use a 24th century subspace array in a way that's painfully incorrect because there is no "correct", and my brain is free to not only suspend disbelief, but excercise imagination in conjuring an interpretation of the technobabble. On the other hand, when a goverment agent uses a computer to communicate, in English, directly into the brain of a soldier in 2011, and the soldier uses simulation software to alter history, well, that makes me want to curse out the kid at the ticket window for allowing me to waste my 10 bucks. (Remember when Jake Gyllenhaal participated in _good_ movies? Ah, "October Sky" how I miss your integrity.)
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Danicia - I followed your link and read your blog post. I had a lot of similar experiences long ago. For whatever reason (probably dumb luck), I haven't had to put up with much of that in a long time, and I'd forgotten how bad it can get. As you said, "...trying to sit at a table whilst a GM tried to force my characters into a rape scenario." I walked away from those groups, and just had to hope there was better groups out there. And eventually I did find good groups. Some groups take patience, others are fun from the get-go, and with others its best to walk away immediately. Thank you for reminding me how good I have it now...I'm going to go email my current gaming group right now and tell them how awesome they are, for lots of reasons, but in particular, for not being one of _those_ groups.
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I liked your example of "matrix" vs. "array". 'Cause, like, they mean the same exact thing in some contexts (a grid of numbers) and don't mean the same thing in other contexts. Your cleverness is duly appreciated. (Not that it matters, but I guess I always assumed the intention of "subspace matrix" was analogous to a "soil matrix," as in the fabric/content of subspace, whereas "subspace array" was analogous to a radar array or communications array, i.e. an electronically steerable grid of transceiver components used for sensing and/or communications.)
Toggle Commented May 20, 2011 on on the delivery of technobabble at WWdN: In Exile
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