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@Scott Lewis I lol'ed for 3 seconds until I realized you're a bit of a loose-cannon, jittery and all over the place with your birds eye view of programming and the world. What are you doing talking about Java, C++, SmallTalk then whinging about PHP and finishing with some random comment about Scala? Trying to get a grip on the point you're trying to make here. A language is a matter of preference and taste. PHP is good language for web based applications. Hard pill to swallow, I know... If you say its not then I'll assume you don't know how to code and that's the problem, if you don't know how to code, your code will look like shit and function just the same. If the roles were reversed and Ruby was the popular language of choice and PHP were the far lesser known of the two then we'd be saying similar things about Ruby, in that half the code out there is shit and that's because of the sheer number of people writing shitty ass code versus the programmers writing clean, functional code - procedural or object oriented. Its that simple. Screw the little nuances between languages, you either write clean code that follows standards or not; but bashing on a language is stereotypical of someone who complains about the nuances between one lang-to-another, you're all the same but then you yourself say "so what is the point, really?" But then go about contradicting yourself by doing just that. Breathe deep brotha and make peace with the code...
Toggle Commented May 17, 2012 on Please Don't Learn to Code at Coding Horror
This is a publicity, I won't say stunt, but rather a "plug" for a fairly well known online training academy. Who by the way pocketed some $150,000.00 in their first month of operation so I've read (founder citation). @Kelseyinnis, I feel the opposite to you. I don't think we're missing out at all on anyone with the passion, intelligence and capability to be a coder. If you have those attributes, you'd already be one. You either have a love and passion for all things technical and not. You can't be that smart and stupid at the same time. The diversity amongst programmers is diverse enough, to say that I am uniquely different to you as you are to me. Though, I may share some similarities with others - we are all individuals with very unique personalities, that share one commonality being a love for code. From this, programmers are stereotyped as being one particular one and one particular kind of breed, thus its easy to say all programmers are a like or that there is a lack of diversity within the industry - thanks to our ability to stereotype groups. Just like I think all lawyers are sharks. See the problem? I'd like to know where else the pipeline is broken too? I don't see it. There are numerous paths and opportunities present at all times within this industry and if you can't find them then you need to stop listening to people who tell you "its hard to find a job within the industry because of x, y, or z". It's not. This is a very, very clever initiative of Code Academy to solicit the blessing of our hire-ups in power to spread the word and that word is "come line our pockets with your money". Marketing at its finest and I don't blame them if you consider the stupid amounts of money they are making, recurring mind you.
Toggle Commented May 17, 2012 on Please Don't Learn to Code at Coding Horror
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May 17, 2012