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Great resource today from Jay Baer on easy and affordable video post production. He's using Candidio. Here's his referral link: ) Video production is a scary/expensive thing that usually ends up with a forced promo with an ugly backdrop and bad makeup melting under hot lights. Much more daunting than getting quality photos on your website. The attitude of the Candidio team to make your videos genuine casual interviews spiced up with some environmental footage and then they'll take care of the rest is exactly what I've been looking for to encourage my clients to take leap into adding video to their sites.
Good to remind people that professional stock images can't convey the quality or soul of any business. People need genuine. Overall, I think there's many bumps on the road for a small biz owner to hire a photographer on their own and understand the costs or what makes them look flattering or irresistible. Kind of like the professional carpet cleaner -- the quote is never what you pay, but the end result seems worth it when you see it. Creating an editorial calendar to put in the hands of creative photog could get you 20-30 images during a one hour session that will really shine up their offerings online. Be sure to get images that include staff. As a business owner start by posting a request on Facebook or twitter for a photographer that is already a patron or the friend of a patron. Photographers enjoy interesting clients and making connections and will post the images they took of your business on their own blogs. So have some fun. At a minimum, get a pro photo editor to enhance bio portraits and images you already own. DMS, I am looking forward to seeing more images from you too.
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Aug 2, 2011